The health of guest is peak of mind in ~ Choice-branded hotels. Guests may experience a range of new, improved cleanliness protocols and also products. At the comfort Inn and also Suites Cartersville - Emerson Lake suggest hotel in Cartersville, our aim is to carry out you through the be sure accommodations and...

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The health of guests is optimal of mind in ~ Choice-branded hotels. Guests may experience a variety of new, boosted cleanliness protocols and products. In ~ the lull Inn and also Suites Cartersville - Emerson Lake point hotel in Cartersville, our target is to carry out you v the relaxing accommodations and essential travel amenities you should be all set for the job ahead. We are a smoke-free hotel situated near number of attractions such as the LakePoint sporting activities Complex, Booth Western art Museum, Red Top mountain State Park and also the Etowah Indian Mounds historic Site. Together our guest, girlfriend will gain to gain f...

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Traveling with on vacation

reviewed 13 June, 2021

We determined to prevent in Cartersville, GA once we have been traveling currently 10 hours. Prior to we called Comfort Inn former country Inn, three of the other hotels we called were fully booked for a baseball event. Sierra answered and also stated she had one room left and we chose we couldn't journey anymore. Take it the last room. We had a couple of minor issues in the room and also Sierra to be so gracious come accomidate our minor requests. Us didn't get the finest sleep but at the very least we had a refreshed bed come sleep in and warm shower. We space so thankful for civilization like Sierra that was cool and also calm to take treatment of our needs. Give thanks to you Sierra! If friend give great in the human being you deserve an excellent back!Respectfully, traveling Notre Dame Fans



the evaluation 30 May, 2021

Disgusting. Do not stay here if you have actually a choice. We had to stay below for a baseball competition at Lakepoint. Room smelled like smoke, there to be hair almost everywhere the shower and bathroom, few of the outlets no work. There were clothing left behind the dresser from the world who continued to be here prior to us, curtains to be torn and also don’t yes, really think their breakfast to be worthy that being called breakfast. The last nail in the coffin was the big cockroach on the sink in the morning where all of us had actually stored our toiletries and also toothbrushes. Will not be staying here again.


Looks Nice from Outside

the review 22 April, 2021

I determined this hotel as soon as I exited the interstate. Normally the choice Properties space my fist pick. This comfort Inn looked reasonably new, so i picked it. The fooled me, the outside was recently renovated, I meant the inside to match. It didn't, this is one old creaky hotel. It needs some assist inside, i don't want to to speak it was less than average, however I can't to speak it was much better than median either. Method over priced for what it was. Perhaps some fresher carpet would be nice too. The carpet in the room I had actually was stained in a couple of places. Brand-new mattress wouldn't have actually hurt either.

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NO method 3* Hotel!

the review 30 January, 2021

Trip Advisor has this rated has a 3* hotel??? NO method - proper 2. I just booked based on that rating thinking it could be a small nicer 보다 the Laquita’s we have stayed in ~ while control to/from Fla with our dog.Walking in, the lobby was very nice. Yet desk attendant Was not wearing a mask. Halls and also rooms way below average. Really dated and also cheap. Floor to be dirty, baseboard missing, HVAC system really loud, maintained waking us up every night. Walls file thin could plainly hear civilization next door talking. Us slept for a few hours and couldn’t wait to leave at 4am.Would no recommend and also would not continue to be again.


Joshua is fantastic!

the evaluation 29 February, 2020

Can’t say enough good things around Joshua! He helped us occupational thru a reservation snafu favor a true professional. Oh, the hotel to be OK too.This property readjusted from Radisson come Comfort during February. Joshua had been an extremely helpful once we remained there in late January and also even more helpful as soon as we again quit in late February.


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