After effective installation, Minecraft doesn’t occupational fine adhered to by one error message. The error may take place due to various reasons, including yet not minimal to the corruption of a .jar document containing game data, corruption of video game installation files, insufficient bureaucratic privileges or cross-version compatibility issues.

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ST Cleaner follows Google software Principles

Rename corruption .Jar File

The Jar record specified below might it is in corrupted. Rename it and also then re-launch Minecraft.

Click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar. Click the View tab top top the Ribbon interface. Inspect the Hidden items checkbox to show all concealed files and also folders. Open the following location: C:UsersUSER_NAMEAppDataRoaming.MinecraftLibrariesNetMinecraft1.6.2Rename Minecraft-1.6.2.jar as Minecraft-1.6.2.jar.old.

Run as Admin

The game functionality problems might arise due to insufficient governmental privileges. Re-launch it together an administrator.

Right-click the Minecraft symbol on her Desktop. Pick Run together administrator option.

Diagnose Compatibility Issues

The information below will help you re-run Minecraft in compatibility mode:

Open Minecraft context food selection by right-clicking the executable file. Click Properties. Click the Compatibility tab. Examine the box called Run this regime in compatibility setting for. Select an previously version the Windows, and also then click OK.

Reinstall Minecraft

Using the complying with command-line, an initial rename the .Minecraft folder and then uninstall and also reinstall the game.

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Exit Minecraft completely. Press Windows Key + X; select Command prompt (Admin).Type the complying with commands:CD C:UsersUSER_NAMEAppDataRoamingREN .Minecraft .Minecraft.OLDExitPress Windows Key + X; pick Search. Form Settings and open it from the find Results. Click the System tab top top the left and then click the Apps & attributes tab. In the Type an app name textbox, form Minecraft. Choose Minecraft from the search Results; and then click Uninstall. Monitor the remove wizard, restart the PC.Install Minecraft again.