as soon as attempting to usage an ArcGIS product with a Concurrent use license, users cannot attach to ArcGIS patent Manager, staying clear of the usage of ArcGIS products such together ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcCatalog. Launching these products may an outcome in them freezing or no loading.

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there are miscellaneous reasons why a user might not be able to connect to ArcGIS patent Manager, some of which are noted below:

The ArcGIS patent Manager and client software versions are not compatible.ArcGIS license Manager is no running.ArcGIS license Manager or FlexNET solutions are not running.An untrue ArcGIS license Manager IP attend to is supplied for connection.Incorrect port are offered to affix to ArcGIS license ManagerA firewall is not configured to enable connections to ArcGIS license Manager.

Solution or Workaround

over there are 6 solutions outlined listed below to troubleshoot and also resolve issues connecting to ArcGIS patent Manager. Monitor the services in the bespeak they space presented, and attempt to connect to ArcGIS license Manager after each solution.

Verify the version compatibility that ArcGIS patent Manager and the customer software

ArcGIS patent Manager is compatible with customer software the the exact same version or older. Refer to License Manager Guide: sustained software assets for much more information on what client versions room compatible through the relevant ArcGIS patent Manager version.

Verify ArcGIS license Manager is running

A customer machine is unable to attach to ArcGIS patent Manager if ArcGIS patent Manager is not running.

Navigate to Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > License Manager, and launch the patent Server Administrator on the hold machine.Check if the License Server Status is set to RUNNING.

If the License Server Status is collection to NOT RUNNING, click Start > Re-read Licenses.

Restart ArcGIS license Manager and FlexNET Licensing solutions

ArcGIS license Manager may stop to run due to specific settings in home windows Services. Editing and enhancing these setups ensures ArcGIS patent Manager operation automatically.

Run services.msc.Search because that ArcGIS patent Manager in the list. Right-click ArcGIS license Manager and select Properties.

Click the Startup type drop-down arrow and also select Automatic. Click Start > OK.

Search because that FlexNet Licensing service in the list. Right-click FlexNet license Service and select Properties.Click the Startup type drop-down arrow and also select Automatic. Click Start > OK.Launch license Server Administrator. Examine the License Server Status and ensure that is collection to RUNNING.Connect to ArcGIS license Manager via ArcGIS Administrator.

Connect come ArcGIS patent Manager via an IP address

Connecting come ArcGIS patent Manager via one IP resolve ensures the ArcGIS Administrator is accessing the correct ArcGIS patent Manager.

Run Command Prompt ~ above the organize machine.Type ipconfig and also press Enter. Take keep in mind of the IPV4 address.Launch ArcGIS Administrator on the customer machine.Click Desktop in the left pane of ArcGIS Administrator. Click Change in the appropriate pane.Type in the IP address of the ArcGIS license Manager. Click OK.

Connect come ArcGIS patent Manager via a port

ArcGIS patent Manager deserve to run on harbor 27000 come 27009. Other programs may interfere with the link if the same port is used, avoiding ArcGIS Administrator from connecting come ArcGIS patent Manager. To stop this, attach to ArcGIS patent Manager via a particular port.

Launch ArcGIS Administrator top top the client machine.Click Desktop in the left pane of ArcGIS Administrator. Click Change in the best pane.Type in the hostname and also the port number in the adhering to format: 'port
hostname'. Click OK.

Modify the services.txt file

By default, the service.txt file does not represent a specific port for ArcGIS license Manager come use. Editing this document locks ArcGIS patent Manager come a certain unused port.

Navigate to the complying with directory and also open service.txt top top the organize machine.

C:Program FilesArcGISLicense10.xinBy default, the components of the file are as shown below:SERVER this_host ANYVENDOR ARCGISFEATURE plot ARCGIS 1 permanent 1 7ED49106D630Edit the materials of the document as shown below:SERVER this_host any type of 27000VENDOR ARCGIS port=27004FEATURE plot ARCGIS 1 permanent 1 7ED49106D630Note:Any value in between 27000 and also 27009 can be used for vendor ARCGIS PORT.Save the service.txt file.Connect come ArcGIS patent Manager via ArcGIS Administrator.Configure the firewall

Firewall configurations may prevent ArcGIS license Manager from receiving and also making connections. The firewall need to be configured to permit ArcGIS license Manager to job-related through it.

Navigate come Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings.Click Inbound rules in the left pane.

Click New rule in the ideal pane. The New Inbound Rule wizard runs.Select Program > Next.
Select This regimen path. Navigate come the following directory, pick lmgrd.exe > Open > Next:

C:Program Files(x86)
Select Allow the link > Next.

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Check the examine boxes of all the easily accessible options and also click Next.