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David A. Patterson has been to teach computer style at the university of California, Berkeley, due to the fact that joining the faculty in 1976, where he hold the Pardee Chair of computer Science. His teaching has actually been honored by the differentiated Teaching award from the college of California, the Karlstrom compensation from ACM, and the Mulligan education Medal and Undergraduate teaching Award from IEEE. Patterson received the IEEE Technical success Award and also the ACM Eckert-Mauchly Award for contributions come RISC, and also he shared the IEEE Johnson information Storage Award for contributions to RAID. He additionally shared the IEEE john von Neumann Medal and also the C & C Prize with John Hennessy. Like his co-author, Patterson is a other of the American Academy that Arts and Sciences, the Computer history Museum, ACM, and IEEE, and also he was chosen to the nationwide Academy of Engineering, the nationwide Academy of Sciences, and also the Silicon Valley engineering Hall that Fame. He served on the Information modern technology Advisory Committee come the U.S. President, together chair of the CS division in the Berkeley EECS department, as chair the the computer Research Association, and also as president of ACM. Tis record brought about Distinguished organization Awards native ACM, CRA, and also SIGARCH.At Berkeley, Patterson led the design and also implementation of RISC I, most likely the frst VLSI reduced instruction set computer, and the foundation of the advertising SPARC architecture. He to be a leader of the redundancy Arrays of inexpensive Disks (RAID) project, which caused dependable storage systems from many companies. That was likewise involved in the Network the Workstations (NOW) project, which caused cluster modern technology used by internet companies and later come cloud computing. Tese projects earned four dissertation awards native ACM. His current research jobs are Algorithm-Machine-People and also Algorithms and also Specializers for Provably Optimal Implementations through Resilience and also Efciency. Dare AMP rap is emerging scalable device learning algorithms, warehouse-scale-computer-friendly programming models, and crowd-sourcing tools to gain valuable insights quickly from huge data in the cloud. Te ASPIRE Lab supplies deep hardware and also sofware co-tuning to attain the highest possible performance and energy efciency because that mobile and rack computer systems.John L. Hennessy is the tenth chairman of Stanford University, wherein he has been a member that the faculty due to the fact that 1977 in the department of electrical engineering and also computer science. Hennessy is a fellow of the IEEE and also ACM; a member of the national Academy that Engineering, the national Academy of Science, and also the American philosophical Society; and also a other of the American Academy the Arts and Sciences. Among his numerous awards are the 2001 Eckert-Mauchly Award for his contribute to RISC technology, the 2001 Seymour Cray computer system Engineering Award, and the 2000 man von Neumann Award, i m sorry he common with David Patterson. He has likewise received 7 honorary doctorates.In 1981, he began the MIPS project at Stanford v a grasp of graduate students. Afer completing the task in 1984, he took a leaving from the university to cofound MIPS computer system Systems (now MIPS Technologies), which occurred one the the frst advertisement RISC microprocessors. As of 2006, over 2 exchange rate MIPS microprocessors have actually been shipped in gadgets ranging from video games and also palmtop computer systems to laser printers and also network switches. Hennessy subsequently led the DASH (Director style for shared Memory) project, i m sorry prototyped the frst scalable cache systematic multiprocessor; countless of the key ideas have been embraced in modern-day multiprocessors. In enhancement to his technical tasks and university responsibilities, that has ongoing to work-related with numerous start-ups, both as an early-stage advisor and also an investor.

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A C K N O W l E D G M E N T SFigure 1.10.4 Courtesy that Cray Inc.Figures 1.7, 1.8 Courtesy of iFixit ( 1.10.5 Courtesy of to apologize Computer, Inc.Figure 1.9 Courtesy of Chipworks ( 1.10.6 Courtesy that the Computer background Museum.Figure 1.13 Courtesy the Intel.Figures 5.17.1, 5.17.2 Courtesy the Museum the Science, Boston.Figures 1.10.1, 1.10.2, 4.15.2 Courtesy that the Charles Babbage Institute, university of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis. Number 5.17.4 Courtesy the MIPS Technologies, Inc.Figures 1.10.3, 4.15.1, 4.15.3, 5.12.3, 6.14.2 Courtesy of IBM. Number 6.15.1 Courtesy of NASA Ames research study Center.

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ContentsPreface xvC H A p T E R S 1 computer system Abstractions and technology 21.1 development 31.2 Eight great Ideas in Computer design 111.3 below Your regimen 131.4 Under the consists 161.5 modern technologies for structure Processors and also Memory 241.6 performance 281.7 car Power wall surface 401.8 te Sea Change: Te switch from Uniprocessors to Multiprocessors 431.9 real Stuf: Benchmarking the Intel main point i7 461.10 Fallacies and also Pitfalls 491.11 finish Remarks 521.12 historic Perspective and also Further analysis 541.13 exercises 54 2 Instructions: Language the the computer 602.1 advent 622.2 operations of the computer system Hardware 632.3 Operands that the computer system Hardware 672.4 Signed and Unsigned numbers 752.5 Representing accuse in the computer 822.6 reasonable Operations 902.7 Instructions for Making decisions 932.8 Supporting actions in computer Hardware 1002.9 connecting with civilization 1102.10 LEGv8 Addressing for wide Immediates and Addresses 1152.11 Parallelism and also Instructions: Synchronization 1252.12 Translating and beginning a regime 1282.13 A C Sort example to placed it All together 1372.14 Arrays versus Pointers 146