The mission that Community activity Lehigh valley is to boost the high quality of life by building a ar in which all civilization have access to financial opportunity, the ability to seek that opportunity, and also a voice in the decisions that influence their lives.

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Community activity Agencies (CAA) are personal non-profit or public organizations whose development was urged by the federal federal government in 1964 to combat poor in their neighborhood communities. Lock involve every sectors that the community—elected officials, public sector representatives, and especially low-income residents—in arising programs that attend to the causes and conditions of poor in their communities.

While lyndon Baines Johnson is the president that signed the economic Opportunity Act right into law in August, 1964, over there was substantial pressure come enlist the federal federal government in the effort to take it on poverty well prior to President Johnson signed the law. Johnson’s predecessor…

The difference We Make

we don't simply count the world we serve, us measure the distinction we make. Count on Community action to be there, strengthening the solve of people to succeed, speaking out for the voiceless, and an overwhelming those that would otherwise sit on the sidelines.

By supporting ar Action, you are making an investment in her community, and also your neighbor’s. Indigenous the minimum wage (and it certain is minimal!) to bank services access (or credit), Community action is actively speaking out with and also for low-income people and their communities. Community action has earned its reputation together an outspoken advocate, one the is propelled by a clear collection of values and the should make a difference.

It’s every in there: the distinction we made, stretching every dollar, engaging every volunteer and also being account to our whole community.

The brand-new 5 year strategic plan is now obtainable to download. It has been written to it is in responsive come the community’s needs, thoughtful around our future, and also intent on do it better for all of us, specifically our most breakable neighbors.

We would drive ours agenda through urgency together we look for to push the Lehigh sink in the direction of economic and social justice.

As a non-profit organization, we value responsible stewardship the the accumulation entrusted come us and also the resources accessible to us.

We are partners, coalition-builders and also team players.We conduct skilled research on poverty and also its causes, understanding issues as the an initial step in the problem-solving process.We specify the advanced in the problem-solving process.We speak out, an overwhelming government, social and economic organizations to relocate towards social and economic justice, also at the expense of our own institutional preservation.We pursue justice.We believe charity is something a culture must provide when over there is no justice.
We encourage all human being to participate in civic life because we believe that good citizenship is the highest type of self-sufficiency.We believe that it is far much more threatening for society when poverty leader to apathy and dependence than as soon as it leads to anger and also activism.We desire businesses to make a fair and also honest profit in our neighborhoods.We want tasks that pay incomes that allow workers to maintain safe, self-sufficient households that are within reasonable proximity come neighborhoods.We want establishments to be humane, respectful and responsive to person needs.We want neighborhoods to it is in culturally rich, fun and healthy.
We an initial seek to determine needs and to push the neighborhood to respond to the requirements of the residents, quite than supplying less critical services simply due to the fact that resources for those services are easier to come by.We give world the tools to fix their very own problems, quite than fix those troubles for them. We treat human being equally, through courtesy, compassion, respect, patience and also dignity.We safeguard our clients’ confidentiality.We believe that world deserve an additional chance however expect personal responsibility in taking advantage of that extra chance.
We want taxpayers and our donors come be certain that your funds are invested wisely.We will certainly not garbage resources, including natural ones.We suppose our board of director to maintain the highest moral standards.We want our audits to be flawless.We strive to preserve a balanced budget.
We respect the requirements of our employees and also their families.We sell employment methods that space personally fulfilling.We effort to pay same wages and offer an excellent benefits.We effort to make our workplace safe.We worth longevity, creativity, dedication, honesty and also hard work.We are serious about equal opportunity and also celebrate diversity.We have high standards of an individual and skilled conduct and also ethics.We suppose our employees to understand that castle are duty models.We respect our co-workers and also treat them as we would desire to it is in treated.We have fun.


The governing human body of the corporation is the board of Directors. The board of Directors has actually supervision, control, and direction of to work of the Corporation.

At the very least one-third the the directors represent organizations designated by the board whose member is predominately created of low-income persons. Lock are preferred in accordance through democratic choice procedures sufficient to guarantee that they represent the low-income in the area served by neighborhood Action. They need not it is in low-income themselves, but the choice procedure assures the they stand for low-income persons.

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One-third of the Directors are either chosen public officials currently holding office or their representatives. The remainder of the directors are personal individuals.




Dawn GodshallExecutive DirectorAdministration(610) 691-56201337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Bethany DiMatteoDeputy executive, management Director for Finance and also AdministrationFinance and also Administration(610) 691-56201337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Chuck WeissAssociate executive, management Director of HousingHousing Rehabilitation(484) 893-10411337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Chris HudockAssociate executive Director for company DevelopmentLehigh and also Northampton Counties Revolving Loan Fund, rising Tide ar Loan Fund(484) 893-10391337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Daniel BosketDirectorCommunity action Development copy, group of Allentown(610) 433-5703523-525 phibìc Seventh Street, Allentown, PA
Dannah Hartman, MBADirector the Marketing and also CommunicationsAdministration(484) 893-11111337 eastern Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
David ChevalierDirectorInformation Technology(610) 849-77001337 eastern Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Jessica Reimert, MPADeputy executive Director for OperationsAdministration(610) 691-56201337 eastern Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Erin DallagoAssociate executive, management Director that DevelopmentAdministration(484) 893-11371337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem PA
Jaana Kelley, MSWAssociate executive Director of community ServicesAdministration(484) 893-10301337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Elesia Fowlin, MBAAssociate executive, management Director for person ResourcesHuman Resources(610) 691-56201337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
VacantDirectorSecond Harvest Food financial institution of the Lehigh Valley and also Northeast Pennsylvania(484) 287-40156969 silver- Crest Rd, Nazareth PA
VacantDirectorSixth Street Shelter(610) 435-1490219 North sixth Street, Allentown, PA
Kumari Ghafoor-Davis, MSWDirectorCampaign because that Racial and also Ethnic Justice, SHE(484) 893-10331337 eastern Fifth Street, Bethlehem PA,
Michael HandzoHousing organization ManagerHousing Rehabilitation(484) 893-10611337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Mike AustinDirectorWeatherization(610) 691-56201337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Sharol Lilly, MSWAssociate executive Director the PlanningPlanning(610) 691-56201337 east Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Stephen ReiderDirectorSlate Belt Rising(484) 523-0900197 Pennsylvania Ave, Bangor, PA
Susan GottwaldDirectorCommunity activity Financial Services(610) 691-56201337 eastern Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA
Yari Colon-LopezDirector Community action Development copy, group of Bethlehem(610) 807-9337409 eastern Fourth Street, Bethlehem, PA