Established together a exclusive nonprofit through the federal government in 1964 come combat poverty in our geography area, we look for to involve the entire neighborhood in assessing neighborhood needs and reducing poverty.

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Our Mission

To develop coalitions that partnerships, volunteers and also programs devoted to break the bicycle of poor by boosting the quality of life and empowering neighborhood participants to end up being self-sufficient in Blount, Cherokee, DeKalb, Jackson, Marshall and also St. Clair counties.

Where we Come From...

Established as a exclusive non-profit by the federal federal government in 1964 come combat poverty in our geographical area, we seek to involve the entire community in assessing neighborhood needs and reducing poverty.

A plank of directors guides our staff. Us focus accessible local, state, private and also federal resources to help low-income families. Our goal is to aid individuals acquire useful skills and provide opportunities for world to come to be economically self-sufficient.

What We have the right to Do to aid Our Community...

We assess needs, develop a arrangement of action, administer direct services, secure essential financial resources, companion with various other organizations and serve as an support for low-income individuals to aid them become more self-sufficient.

Each of us affiliated in CAA activities in the previous are proud of ours accomplishments. We recognize that our agency is much much more than a selection of program to help low-income individuals; the is a team of world with a true enthusiasm to help others. Us feel the we have made an invaluable donation to our area, through the advancement of innovative and also cost reliable programs that have actually helped thousands of human being find their means out that poverty. However, we know the paradox the poverty continues today, and also we will perform all in our power to aid that situation.

Values: Compassion Willingness to offer Partnerships outstanding customer service committed to improving self-sufficiency & quality of life

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News and Events

* annual Report 2018

To build coalitions of partnerships, volunteers and programs committed to breaking the bike of poor by boosting the high quality of life and empowering ar participants to become self-sufficient in Blount, Cherokee, DeKalb, Jackson, Marshall and also St. Clair counties. Yearly Report 2018 (PDF)…

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Community action Agency featured in “Connected” Magazine!

Be sure to watch the latest worry of FTC’s associated Magazine and also its attribute on the Community action Alliance of Northeast Alabama. works difficult to make life far better in the communities we serve, and we were thrilled to it is in featured in this long-time publication. To review the full…

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Make her Utility help Appointment today!

Community action Agency the Northeast Alabama offers numerous programs to aid families and also individuals under gaue won distress or hardship in ours communities. One means we have the right to offer assist is in the form of utility assistance to lighten the burden of power bills. In fact, temporary accessibility to this program…

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Welcome come our new website!

Community activity Agency that Northeast Alabama’s primary goal is to serve our communities. Our updated website helps those interested in ours services find information easily and also get inquiries answered quickly. Our brand-new county-based navigation system enables you to search for solutions that are available specifically in your area.

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bill pay assistance

Beginning in June, the CAA can provide utility bill pay aid through the Low-Income Home energy Assistance Program. Eligible family members may receive financial assistance restricted to one payment per regime year. For an ext information, call CAA this particular day at 256-638-4430.

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store your power bills short this summer v these tips

Keeping your residence cool throughout the summer months have the right to be expensive. The following tips can help you reduced your energy bill there is no sacrificing comfort.You can save as lot as 20 percent top top your electrical bill by sealing ducts and also air leaks. Additionally, take into consideration installing a programmable thermostat to save energy...