Enjoy professional service, chic accommodations and a convenient location at our pet-friendly hotel in Rockford. Amenities include free WiFi, complimentary hot breakfast, conference space, a fitness center and also an at home heated pool. Guest rooms function microwaves and also refrigerators, premium bedding, occupational desks, ...

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Enjoy experienced service, chic accommodations and a convenient ar at our pet-friendly hotel in Rockford. Amenities include complimentary WiFi, free hot breakfast, meeting space, a fitness center and also an indoor heated pool. Guest rooms feature microwaves and also refrigerators, premium bedding, job-related desks, flat- display TVs and also coffee makers. Together a guest of ours hotel in Rockford, friend will have actually easy access to tasks and attractions like the Coronado Theatre, Anderson Japanese Gardens, Discovery facility Museum, Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens, Burpee Museum that Natural history and the Midway town M...

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It was clean....that's about it.

the review 21 july, 2021

So the hotel was clean and also some the the employee were nice...others not so much. The hotel boasts riverfront and also nice views but the residential or commercial property is completely overgrown and you have the right to barely view the river. The bottom floor of the hotel was completely closed to guests and that's whereby the balcony is! The swimming pool was closed because that "maintenance." i wouldn't go outside alone after dark - community is a bit shady. We were there 3 nights - request housekeeping to profession us towels on end of job 2 and they told us they had other guests coming so didn't have actually a many spares....um I'm a guest too!Breakfast is composed of bagels, breakfast bars and also oatmeal and they have a authorize on the frozen refrigerator that just one party of juice permitted per guest a day! If you room just looking for clean and cheap - its ok - otherwise store looking.


Stay if you desire to adjust your very own sheets!

the review 21 june, 2021

We saw visit family members over Memorial day weekend. Selection Hotels has constantly been our walk to hotel chain. ~ this trip and also the lack of customer company afterwards, i would rather stay in my automobile than remain at another an option Hotel. The reviews that I experienced for this location were actually pretty decent so i wasn't as well worried. ~ nine hours of work and also seven hours of driving i was all set to take it a fill off. We got every one of our ingredient to our room and noticed that the room was filthy. In a time that Covid, you would think a hotel would certainly take extra treatment to wipe surface down, no less. There to be a ring of dust in the bathtub along v water spots on the faucet informing me it was no wiped down. The plastic cups in the bathroom had actually a plainly visible difficult substance ~ above it together did the bed side table. I lugged the sticky cups to the former desk and got an apology and also a brand-new room....no help to move every one of our stuff but not that large of a deal. The brand-new room was a lot much better after wiping the noticeable dust on the door right alongside the door handle. The following day us were out and noticed the room was not made up upon our return the afternoon. Our believed was possibly they came about while we were there. As soon as we came ago to an additional day of ours room being neglected that maybe a request for housekeeping would certainly be required due to the fact that of Covid. That happened at the critical hotel we remained at. When we request on our means out for housekeeping to pertained to our room they stated that lock "do not execute housekeeping service since of Covid" which is backwards reasonable in my opinion. Covid need to require an ext cleaning no LESS. When we asked around toilet paper and towels they provided us some. Us asked about getting our sheets readjusted we were handed a collection and told to take care of the ourselves. I am not certain in what human being it is ok for someone who is paying more than $100 per night to readjust their own sheets however we had actually quite enough. We viewed a job early and stayed top top familiy's couches and floors. Once we called an option Hotels after we obtained home to record a complaint I could tell the human being on the other finish of the line wasn't going come be any help. As soon as I called her that we checked out early she dubbed me a liar by telling me that wasn't true, even though i was looking at the reservation email as ns talked to her. I asked for to speak to she manager and was told she didn't have actually one. I then asked come speak come anyone various other than her and also she hung up on me. I have actually asked multiple world multiple time in the weeks because for a phone call from who at selection Hotels come no avail. The manager of this facility didn't feel the need to call either. I instead got a generic email apologizing. By the look at of the they send a many those emails. It didn't warrant a phone contact apparently. This location needs to it is in shut down and also my 10+ year connection with choice Hotels is over. Ours sales staff has actually been instructed to avoid selection Hotels as well. Covid has actually done a lot of of damages to our country. You have the right to count an option Hotels' customer company as part of the damage done. Great luck.


Multi-visitor come the Riverview Inn and Suites

reviewed 19 march, 2021

My family and also I have stayed in ~ this hotel lot of times. We have had good service native the staff each time. Due to the fact that this is nearby proximity to our other household members the is perfect spot for united state to stay. We stayed right here last close to Christmas (2020) and also are reserved to return following month.(April 2021). We continued to be in the suite overlooking the river and also the park across the way. The is close enough to park us walked over and also walked the area.The suite was nice and clean. Us like having actually a fridge and also microwave in our room once we travel. Add to a coffee/tea device right there. Due to the fact that Covid we were reminded come wear mask ~ above entering leave hotel. On our visit the staff all had mask. We witnessed the cleaning being excellent so there to be no trouble with cleanliness. Breakfast area was roped off yet there was a really nice lady obtaining anything we wanted for us. Ns have had the continent breakfast at various other places and this meal was simply fine. We appreciate this hotel and also staff. We have stayed right here a few times before and have constantly has good service the is why we keep coming back.I yes, really don't recognize answers to dry cleaning, banquet rooms and also such because I have actually never had actually need of this services. I would imply calling hotel to gain the details on this services.

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The hotel is in a good hideaway from traffic however seriously in require of modernization!

the review 19 january, 2021

Our all at once stay to be nice. Gift a regular traveler, the hotel looks choose it's shucked in the beforehand 80's. The continental carpet is dull/horrific looking and needs to be replace throughout the entire hotel.We had actually a 1 level vs upstairs bedroom suite. The see of the river was nice, and each room was an extremely spacious. Yet that's simply it, it to be a room that had actually NO pizzazz to it. That was just pure DULL! The restroom i m sorry is in bedroom to be the only contemporary thing in the room which has actually a shower (no tub) and 2 face bowel sinks.IMO the price that the room have to be cheaper and have NO match to various other brand surname hotels especially due to the fact that their making use of the word: suites. I obtained a possibility to walk to other rooms and they looked good (for sure much better than ours suite).Housekeeping employee was NICE and also most the FD staff but one of them to be aggressive in tone.


Short Stay

the review 11 october, 2020

Stayed one night. Hotel is pet friendly with $25 every night charge. Staff were wearing masks however most guests were not. Staff did no enforce made it an extremely uncomfortable. Hotel was ok for a night however had deferred maintain issues. Elevator to be grimy and loud. Parking lot was large but appeared sketchy. That wasn't well lit. Numerous green room to to walk dog.