Chris D’Elia is a renowned American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, social media star, and podcast host. Chris D’Elia is renowned for starring on the NBC sitcom ‘Whitney’ and also for showing up in much other television series.

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Chris D’Elia’s birth day is March 29, 1980, and his complete name is Christopher william D’Elia. The hails native Montclair, new Jersey, USA. At present, that is 41 year old and his zodiac sign is Aries. His parents room Bill D’Elia (father) and Ellie D’Elia (mother). His father is a tv producer and director and also his mother is an internal decorator.

Likewise, he has actually a younger brother called Matt D’Elia, that is a filmmaker/actor. By nationality, the is American and also his ethnicity is mixed with Italian-American and also Polish. Kris did his schooling at La Cañada High School back in the late 1990s. Later, he likewise attended brand-new York University yet dropped out from over there to go after his exhilaration career.


Caption: chris D’Elia’s childhood snapshot with his brother Matt. Source: Instagram

Speaking the his career, Chris began his acting career once he was in high school. He had some guest starring parts on ‘Chicago Hope.’ He started stand-up comedy in the year 2006. Some present that chris has appeared in has Live in ~ Gotham, Comedy Central, Presents, etc. Moreover, his very first set was at the ‘Ha Ha Café’ in north Hollywood, Los Angeles.

For 2 seasons, kris co-starred in the NBC comedy collection Whitney, opposite comedian ‘Whitney Cummings’. Moreover, Chris started his first one-hour stand-up special called – White Male black Comic. This aired ~ above Comedy main on 6 December 2013. Moreover, kris had four comedy specials specific – Incorrigible, No Pain, male On Fire – all of which aired top top Netflix.

Likewise, he had actually the lead function in the 2014-2016 NBC sitcom ‘Undateable’ as Danny Burton. Therefore, the actors includes stand-up comics that were an excellent friends before the show. Similarly, he to be a component of the Leafly 420 Comedy Tour display in Chicago. The unique guest to be Ron Funches ago in the year 2016.


Caption: chris D’Elia while performing. Source: Instagram

Moreover, on an April 2018 illustration of his ‘Congratulations podcast’, he imitated rapper Eminem and also made funny of Eminem’s middle-aged fans, if conceding that Eminem to be “one the the best rappers of all time”. Likewise, in march 2019, there was an announcement that kris was cast for the recurring role of Henderson for the second season the the Netflix thriller collection – You.

Additionally, that has showed up in movie like almost (2004), bad Girls from sink High (2005), Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012), Glory Daze (2010), little Evil (2017), and also Life in a Year (2019). Moreover, in august 2020, there to be an main announcement that evidenced Chris’ replacement v Tig Notaro in ‘Army the the Dead’.

Personal Life

Chris married actress, Emily Montague in 2006. But, sadly, they divorced in 2010. However, in February 2020, the announced the his very first child, a boy was born with his girlfriend, Kristin Taylor. Therefore, he made the announcement on his podcast ‘Congratulations’. That is life a good life with his girl friend presently in the Beachwood Canyon area that Los Angeles.


Caption: chris D’Elia clicking a picture with his son. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Social Media and Net Worth

Chris has actually gathered over 2 million pendant on his ‘
chrisdelia’ Instagram account. That has acquired over 1 million pendant on his Twitter account. Similarly, his YouTube channel has actually earned over 548K subscribers. His official Facebook page has obtained over 596K followers. In addition, his tik account has earned end 536.5K followers and also over 3.3 million likes.

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Chris has a net worth of roughly $10 million together of 2021. Most of the income come from his films and also stand-up comedy acts. However, his wide range is an essential asset for him together he deserve it with his hard work. Moreover, he additionally makes part money v his social media and podcast activities.