Oct 31, 2017 kris Brown – teen On A complete Moon full Album Leak totally free Download attach MP3 ZIP RAR Torrent. Teen on a full Moon is the eighth studio album by American singer chris Brown. The album to be released ~ above digital platforms on October 31, 2017, and also has a physical release of November 3, 2017 through RCA Records. Chris Brown has lastly released his new album “Heartbreak on A complete Moon”. The singer has actually released couple of singles prior to now, with each of them finding some sort of success. The likes of ‘High End’ featuring Future and also Young Thug alongside with a fear themed music video.

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Disc 1: heartbreak On a full Moon1. Shed & Found2. Privacy3. Juicy prey Ft. Jhené Aiko & R. Kelly4. Questions5. Teen On A full Moon6. Roses7. Confidence8. Rock your Body9. Tempo10. Manage It Ft. DeJ bread & Lil Yachty11. Sip12. Everyone Knows13. To mine Bed14. Expect You Do15. This Ain’t16. Pull Up17. Party Ft. Water level & Gucci Mane18. Sensei Ft. A119. Summer Breeze20. No Exit21. Pills & Automobiles Ft. Yo Gotti, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Kodak Black22. Pains The Same

Disc 2: teen On a complete Moon23. Ns Love Her24. Girlfriend Like25. Nowhere26. Other Niggas27. Challenging Love28. Paradise29. Spanned In You30. Even31. High finish Ft. Future & Young Thug32. Top top Me33. Phone call Me What to Do34. Frustrated35. Enemy36. If You’re Down37. Bite mine Tongue38. Run Away39. This Way40. Yellow Tape

Bonus Tracks: heartbreak On a complete Moon41. Reddi Whip42. Hangover43. Emotions44. Just 4 Me Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & verse Simmonds45. Grass Ain’t Greener


Team Breezy remained in for a treat when Chris Brown unleashed the staggering 42-track collection Heartbreak ~ above a complete Moon ~ above Halloween, and also it seems as if the singer is still in the gift-giving mood.

If the dual album wasn"t sufficient to organize fans over for a while, on Wednesday (Dec. 13) Brown released the deluxe version of his latest album titled Cuffing Season – 12 work of Christmas, with 12 brand-new songs simply in time because that the holidays.

Chris Brown teen On A complete Moon Songs totally free Download

"SURPRISE! 12 work Of Christmas: CUFFING SEASON the luxurious Edition of #HeartbreakOnAFullMoon is obtainable everywhere now! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" Chris created on Twitter. When not every one of the songs are holiday-themed, the "Questions" singer walk treat pan to new guest functions like climbing artists Ella Mai, Trippie Redd, Solo Lucci and also Agnez Mo.

Chris Brown heartbreak On A full Moon luxurious Edition cost-free Download

To coincide with the relax of his deluxe album, Brown likewise dropped off a new track ~ above his SoundCloud titled "Goin in ~ It," a steamy song that find the singer singing about his bedroom skills.

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Chris Brown heartbreak On A complete Moon deluxe Zip Download Free

Listen to Heartbreak top top A complete Moon deluxe Edition: Cuffing Season - 12 days Of Christmas below.