Chris BrownWith Tyga, son Ink, Omarion, Tenaya Taylor and also Fetty WapGexa energy Pavilion, DallasThursday, September 10, 2015Six years after the fact, the cite of kris Brown"s surname still conjures up memories that his 2009 assault of then-girlfriend, popular music superstar Rihanna. The memory might seem a little much more distant if, since that night, Brown hadn"t ongoing to demonstrate aggressive and violent behavior. He"s challenged allegations the a brawl v Drake at a night club, a backstage tantrum ~ an interview with an excellent Morning America"s Robin Roberts, a physical confrontation through Frank Ocean and also another fight end a picture with two men exterior of a hotel. And yet, in spite of all those transgressions, Brown"s music career proceeds to flourish.Brown is a polarizing entertainer, yet those that love that genuinely love him. In front of a close to sell-out group at Gexa power Pavilion on Thursday night, his adoring fans" devotion was evident from the first beat that Brown"s 2005 debut single "Run It," which opened up his headlining set. Performing in front of a large, superior stage of video clip monitors that projected various photos of graffitied walls and also stereo components, Brown, his band and also a crew the dancers sharply and also quickly ran through a medley of struggle singles such as "(Yo) pardon Me Miss," "Poppin"" and "Deuces." because that an artist that is only 26, it"s almost jarring to recount the variety of hits Brown has actually under his belt already.We"re provided to ambitious, athletic choreography in Brown"s music videos and award display performances, however on this night his move were greatly toned down. His routine amounted come a many impressive pop-locking and choreographed actions with his back-up dancers. That"s not to say his i know well gyrations didn"t cause a an answer from his largely female audience as he spanned a variety of today"s favorite dances from the "Nae Nae" come "Hit the Quan." outside those offerings, Brown continued to be rather distant from his audience, and the disconnect was tough to ignore. There was little to no banter through the group — the hardly engaged them.

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As a possible remedy to the situation, Brown presented the Dallas crowd through a few surprises.Toward the end of the set Brown brought out other hit-maker French Montana, who performed the crowd-pumping bangers "Ocho Cinco," "Pop That" and also the pair"s collaboration, "Moses." Brown climate rounded out the surprised guest list by likewise bringing out Tyga, Fetty Wap and, eventually, the whole lineup of opened artists. Exterior of the opened medley Brown did in ~ the start of his set, this succession of artist joining that on phase was the climax of the night.