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A healthy take ~ above Chick-fil-a’s love husband roasted BBQ sauce. Zero fat and also only 17 calories every 2 tbsp!

Yes, you read that right! You deserve to now live joyously together you top your salads, dip her chicken, straight up drizzle everything you’re eating v this amazing sauce obtained from the God’s.

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This ingredient is BOMB.

Honestly low an essential crying a bit because earlier in the day I provided to it is in obsessed through Chick-fil-a’s love husband BBQ sauce. I would certainly literally squeeze out the remainder of the packet right into my mouth because I refuse to garbage a fall of this shiz.

I haven’t had actually the stuff in the years because I started eating “healthier” and cut out many calorie-laden sauces. No until simply recently as soon as I went and also I to be like, yeah, I’m going to obtain some of mine OG BBQ honey mustard sauce! it was simply as remarkable as ns remembered.

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Skinny Chick-fil-a honey roasted BBQ sauce

Yield: 6
Prep Time: 5 minute
Total Time: 5 minute
A healthier take ~ above Chick-fil-a's love husband roasted BBQ sauce. Zero fat and only 17 calories every 2 tbsp!



2 tbsp G Hugh"s Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (30g)6 tbsp fat complimentary sour cream (90g)1 tbsp yellow mustard (15g)2 tsp dijon mustard (10g)¼ cup Walden Farm"s Maple Walnut Syrup (or pancake syrup) (60 mL)1 tsp Worcestershire sauce (5g)


Combine every the ingredients and mix thoroughly! top on her favorite chicken dish or use however your love desires!


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Nutrition InformationYield 6Serving size 2 tbsp (30g)Amount every ServingCalories 17Total Fat 0gCarbohydrates 2.5gProtein 1g

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