Chicago Fire Season 4 episode 21 Review: type of a crazy Idea

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The whole instance really solidified just exactly how much Casey cares for Dawson. He calmly listened to her with knowledge when she asked him to be Louie"s foster parents. His reasoning for no wanting to execute it made total sense. As he said, just weeks earlier she wasn"t all set to acquire married. This is a vast step.

And then as soon as she called him the she planned to foster Louie through herself, Casey didn"t shot to controversy or talk her the end of it. He immediately tried to figure out exactly how he can make the moment to help her. He had his doubts, yet for her, the would perform just around anything. 

That"s true love right there. 

I expect this whole thing renders them realize that they are ready for marriage and a family. There"s never a right time because that these things. People"s resides are always busy, and also there are always reasons not to, but if the is what lock both want, castle should simply go for it. 

Speaking that "going for it," ns forgot to keep track the the swimming pool for how countless episodes it would certainly take Kidd and Severide to hook up. Let"s simply say we"re all winners, because we knew it was absolutely going to happen prior to the Chicago Fire Season 4 finale. 

I think us all knew it to be going to happen tonight as quickly as the walked into that locker room put on nothing yet a towel. She gawked simply a small too long for the to no be completely obvious. 

Not that i blame her. That looks good in a towel.

The ice machine was a complete disaster. No surprised there, however I think the ideal thing that come out that it was Herrmann being put in his location by Cindy, and also we didn"t even see it!

Just watching him repeat every little thing she stated on the phone to be hilarious enough. Herrmann"s got to recognize she put every little thing in perspective. 

Brett: If he stated the bruises go away...Cruz: i don"t to buy it. Otis it s okay a cave nail, the doesn"t closeup of the door up around it for a week. This he states is nothing?

Cruz lugged out the huge guns to finally get Otis back to Chicago Med and Dr. Halstead. 

I"m glad it wasn"t cancer, however I"m likewise kind of happy it was something. Ns think many of united state were expecting one anti-climatic resolution to this whereby he would rotate out to be just fine. 

I"m sure he will be fine, however watching that go v treatment v the home supporting him will certainly be interesting, especially due to the fact that he can"t return to job-related until he"s better. 

At the very least he still has Molly"s to focus his attention, and once repairs are done, they have the right to re-open. Where are all the cops and doctors claimed to drink in the meantime?

It was type of a cheesy coincidence the Brett and also Jimmy"s patient related to Otis" situation, but I liked it anyway.

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Sue me. 

Casey seems to it is in getting better and better at this alderman gig, and now the house has fancy new masks. The politics consultant was i do not have anything to be found, however I assume she will certainly be back. 

Your turn, what go you males think? room you hoping Dawson it s okay to foster Louie just so we can see more of the cutie?