Popular voice changing app Voicemod is making its method to the iphone phone today. Voicemod Clips is a new mobile application that will allowiPhone owners, and Android customers soon, to modify their voice for short video and audio clips. The app is completely complimentary to use, with no annoying ads or freemium features. Girlfriend can select from a selection of facial and audio filter to develop clips that deserve to be shared openly on society networks, message apps, and more.

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Much like the desktop computer app for PC, Voicemod Clips allows you select from a range of different voices the modify your voice in real time v the flick that a switch. There are 12 to pick from daily, the end of a library the 60 in total. The results are a fun way to transform your voice for pranks ~ above friends, or to add some an innovative flair to that tiktok banger.

I’ve been experimentation the application over the past week, trying out a range of voices consisting of a “sword” one that renders you sound choose Darth Vader, an additional that amplifies your voice choose a megaphone, and even a T-Pain auto-tune option. Clips deserve to be as much as 60 seconds long, and also are conserved as videos to do it easy to share across a variety of various other mobile apps.

Voicemod has actually teamed up with T-Pain to produce a special voice based on the rapper’sinfamous use of auto-tune. It’s the only voice I’ve experiment that calls for headphones come use. “This partnership through Voicemod has been a long time coming. I’ve been utilizing their desktop version because that a while now when I’m gaming,” says T-Pain. “I to be pretty excited when they reached out around doing other together. Ns hope civilization have as lot fun with it together I do.”

While a number of voice-changing apps exist because that mobile and also PC, Voicemod has definitely emerged as one of the most famous for streamers, gamers, and creators. The pc version additionally includes a soundboard so girlfriend can change your voice v presets or import MP3s to play while you speak. Voicemod Clips doesn’t incorporate soundboard usability yet.

Voicemod uses a mix of artificial intelligence and also digital signal processing technologies for its fabricated voices. The company, based in Spain, freshly raised €7.1 million in invest to enhance its decided conversion technologies. Voicemod has also experimented through previously available mobile apps like another Voice, Voice Swap, and also Funny Calls. Launching the main Voicemod application on mobile is clearly an important component of the company’s ambitious to move beyond just the PC.

While Voicemod Clips is free, the everyday rotation that 12 voices go hint the the agency may introduce some kind of paid tier at some point to access all that the effects simultaneously. Voicemod on pc is likewise free, v 7 voices that turn every week. The Pro version of Voicemod on pc unlocks every one of the effects, tradition voices, and more options because that the soundboard.

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You can download the iPhone variation of Voicemod Clips end atApple’s app Store, and the Android application should be available in the coming days end atGoogle’s play Store.