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Chakeres Theatres opened the Melody 49 Drive-In on July 1, 1966 through Lloyd Bridges in “Around the civilization Under the Sea” & Connie Francis in “When the Boys satisfy the Girls”. In 1987 a 2nd screen was added after Chakeres Theatre sold and also closed Southland pair Drive-In acquisition Southland’s smaller sized screen. It is the last continuing to be drive-in theatre activate by Chakeres theaters Inc. In 2018 it to be taken end by UEC Theatres.

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Sharon4kids on may 19, 2008 in ~ 3:10 afternoon

Michigandriveins, that’s great! i love your tour. I was simply coming to talk about my an extremely most favorite drive-in! We provided to live less than a mile indigenous the Melody 49 and went there all of the time. We had actually a fullsize van, and also our four children and also we would place ourselves to clock both movies with a radio we’d carry from home. The children watched one side usually v us the town hall the other, depending upon the second movies we’d close up the van and younger people or possibly all would certainly go come sleep in the bed and also my husband & I would watch the second. Among the finest things: they replay the an initial movies again on the weekends! love going come the Melody…we’d often plan with kids" schoolmate’s family members to all go check out a Disney or something! great memories that ns am for this reason happy my youngsters are able to have actually too!


TLSLOEWS on may 19, 2010 in ~ 3:19 pm

Cool looking sign.


Bill Eichelberger ~ above September 18, 2010 in ~ 11:44 afternoon


Gatorgirl62 on respectable 11, 2015 at 7:47 pm

I grew up close come Melody 49. I remember the town hall the original “Plant that the Apes” & the male with no surname Clint Eastwood trilogy. I appreciated it till I moved in 1990. Next time ns visit the area I’m walking to go there. The last time I remained in the area I saw the journey in in Springfield. Ohio has a many drive ins because that anyone visiting there.

cinnamonBrooks on in march 22, 2016 in ~ 12:38 pm
MichaelKilgore on august 2, 2017 in ~ 5:54 pm

From the Melody 49 facebook page around section:

The Melody 49, situated at 7606 Pleasant plains Road, Brookville, opened with a bang top top July 1, 1966. With an are for 1,100 dare on its 18 acres, the cost of the year round theater was estimated to run $500,000 by Ralph T. Sharp, Inc., the general contractor for the project. A 75’ x 130’ Cinemiracle snapshot screen, installed by the M. E. Renfro display screen Tower Company, was preferred so the both 35 and 70 mm movies could be shown. Circle-R electric auto heaters were noted during the winter come adventurous movie goers.

Melody 49 began their gala opening v a large fireworks display, adhered to by three hit movies, including the incredible undersea adventure ‘Around the world Under the Sea’ certification Lloyd Bridges.

Michael Chakeres, then vice-president and general manager of Chakeres Theaters, Inc. Proclaimed that the brand-new theater would “have first run and subsequent run family-type shows comparable to Southland 75 (Drive-In). This is a fast growing area and will serve Brookville, Englewood, Trotwood and other communities.”

In 1982 Melody 49 switched to a sound procedure with operated v a special cable installed above the drive-in parking area. The movie soundtrack to be transmitted with the cable, i beg your pardon broadcasted end an am frequency that might be picked up through the patron’s automobile radio. In 1998 this was replaced by an FM frequency.

The theater adjusted it name to the Melody 49 pair in 1987 after a 2nd motion picture screen was added. Taken native Southland 75 after it closed, the smaller display was collection up in ~ the back of the lot and could accommodate about 200 cars.

… Melody 49 was the second all-medallion theater in Ohio, meaning that whatever was electrically operated, consisting of the heating and air-conditioning.

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The 3 lane snack bar, designed by architect R. J. McNutt, was developed to be qualified of serving 2,000 patrons in 30 minutes. Since most refreshments to be bought throughout the ten minute intermission, quick organization was the the utmost importance. Automatically food warmers were mounted to ensure that the snacks stayed hot and also delicious.