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The Girl who Bears the Coffin

While in search of food in the mountains, Toru comes around a weird girl wearing a coffin ~ above her back named Chaika, who then rental him to assist her recoup an artifact.

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E1 | The Girl who Bears the Coffin

While searching for food in the mountains, Toru comes approximately a weird girl put on a coffin ~ above her back named Chaika, that then hires him to aid her recoup an artifact.


E2 | The Lazy male Choice

Toru and also Akari work difficult to assist Chaika fulfill her goals, but when there is more trouble at hand, will the truth be sufficient to sway their decision?


E3 | The forest Where the Hero Dwells

Gillette and also his tape are warm on the trace of Chaika and her hired saboteurs, complying with them come a surrounding city wherein Chaika"s secret informant appears before them.

E4 | The Dragoon’s Wish

Chaika, Toru, and Akari run right into Dominica the Dragoon warrior castle were looking for. After prove to be a gracious host, Toru asks her for Emperor Gaz" remains.

E5 | The Pursuer and also the Pursued

Chaika and the saboteur siblings are trying to find leads to the next Hero. An ambush by a rival team throws things into disarray as soon as Toru recognizes the group"s leader.

E6 | Red and also White

During the Chaika exchange, both teams are ambushed. ~ witnessing Toru"s fighting prowess, the red Chaika uses him a deal he may not have the ability to refuse.

E7 | The sink of No Return

Simon Scania is the next target for Chaika and also crew in their find for Emperor Gaz" remains. In bespeak to find him, they must go into a valley of fog with strange properties.

E8 | realm of Consolation

A team of previous Gaz realm citizens stop Chaika and also her entourage and demand a toll. Strangest the all, they case to it is in in the agency of the true heir, Princess Chaika

E9 | The worth of Memories

On their way north to prevent civil disputes, Vivi it s okay to shop v Gillette, and Chaika finds that they aren"t the only ones short on magic fuel.

E10 | Fortress in the Sky

After showing up in a town well-known for their abundance the magic fuel, Chaika and friends find out that battle each other Gavarni is not just taking every the magic fuel but additionally the town"s women.

E11 | The False Princess

Toru should join pressures with 2 of Gillette"s goons in bespeak to an outbreak of the flying fortress and meet earlier up through Chaika. Meanwhile, Chaika learns a shocking truth.

E12 | Those Left Behind

Chaika must acknowledge she existence and also choose which course to follow. Meanwhile, Gillette rushes into fight to conserve his companions.

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