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*"s scenic main campus is situated at 501 College drive in Albemarle County, Virginia. Hundreds of students take credit and noncredit classes in ~ this place each semester to accomplish their career and personal goals. Students must have a allow to park top top the key campus. Visitor and also handicapped parking is provided. Watch parking information here. Campus maps deserve to be found here.

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The Main Building homes the College"s bureaucratic offices, the Business, Technologies and Mathematics department office, Admissions & Advising Center, Math, Writing and also Testing Centers, Cashier"s Office,Bookstore, department of Public safety & Campus Police, Betty Sue Jessup Library, Bolick student Center, job Services, jae won Aid, Fitness Center, Auditorium, classrooms and labs. Mar Baldwin College also has offices in this building. The Technology Wing the the Main structure is home for the human Resources Office, computer system Lab, IT solutions Desk, classrooms and the W. A. Speed Board Room. 

The V. Earl Dickinson Building at the far end of campus is ar of the Humanities, well Arts and also Social Sciences department office, classrooms, the Dickinson Theatre (Proscenium), Maxwell Theatre (Black Box), art Galleries, Lakeside Amphitheater and crate Office. Tennis courts and also playing fields are nearby. The structure is named for V. Earl Dickinson, Sr., who dedicated his life to public service, avidly sustained education and also represented the 56th district (Central Virginia) in the Virginia residence of Delegates for 30 years.

The Theodore E. And also Patt Hart Keats science Building is the place of the Health and also Life Sciences department office, classrooms and labs. Old preeminence University has an office and classrooms ~ above the lower level. The building name honors Alumna Dr. Patt Hart Keats for she donation the creates scholarships for students enrolled in the Radiography associate of used Science degree program. The gift also honors her late husband Dr. Theodore E. Keats.

See more: Never Allow Someone To Be Your Priority While Allowing Yourself To Be Their Option"s labor force Services division offices and also classrooms are located in the Stultz facility for Business and Career Development. The structure name honors local citizens Jim and also Cynthia Stultz because that their support of education and also generous donation to