What do you gain when you overcome the standard beauty the the gold Retriever v the “teddy bear” challenge of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? A down-sized version of the best of both people – a playful, people-loving disposition at a gentler energy level.

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This mix results in a puppy with sound health, reduced risk of hereditary faults, low to no shedding, and also a loving personality. A great combination for any type of age.

We each other both gold Cavaliers (other names incorporate ‘mini golden’ or ‘comfort retriever’) and gold Cavadoodles. Our gold Cavaliers are 50% gold Retriever and also 50% Ruby Red Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Dams (mothers) are golden Retrievers and the Sires (fathers) room the Ruby Cavaliers.

Our gold Cavadoodles deserve to either it is in 50% Ruby Cavalier x 50% Mini Goldendoodle (Molly pups) or 50% golden Cavalier x 50% Mini Poodle (Gertie pups).

Izzy, Tasha, Jillian, and Poppy room new golden Cavalier mother for 2022. Lucy, Amber, and also Charlotte are brand-new mothers who have had actually one litter to date. Lucy, Tasha, Jillian, and also Poppy are in a Guardian house just a couple of miles from our farm. Both the adult dogs and also their puppies room socialized with kids from the eras of 1 – 13.

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What Happens as soon as the Puppies space Born?

PupNouncement and Week 1 – households who have actually a reserved* point out on the list will certainly receive an e-mail to announcement puppies have arrived, how countless puppies the mama had, and also then how countless of every gender. Start the following week, in week 1, you’ll obtain Week 1 pictures.Week 2 – Puppy pictures. Getting prepared for her Puppy email consists of a purchase list, vet info, food links, and also so much more!Week 3 – Puppy eyes space open! Puppy picturesWeek 4 – Puppy images and/or videos of puppiesWeek 5 – Puppy images and/or videos of puppiesWeek 6 – Personalities start to develop! Puppy pictures/videos. Balances space due.Week 7 – Puppy pick Time! farm visit or FaceTime? It’s as much as you!Week 8 – Puppy heads to your forever home. So, the question is…pickup or delivery?