When a couple hits a stormy patch in their marriage, over there are ways to attempt salvaging the union. However for Jamie, his an approach of make the efforts to obtain to the source of his problems with his mam Candic was to watch if she would flirtatiously speak with one more man. Yet is becoming a full-blown catfish the best means to fix a relationship?

During tonight"s episode, Candic -- a 27-year-old mommy to a four-year-old daughter with her companion -- contacted Nev and Max since she felt like she to be betraying her spouse by having actually a connection with Titus (whom she met through a retail app she provides for work). She defined to the sleuths that she was going with a challenging time in her life -- specifically, managing the lingering impacts of losing her mother at a young period -- and the mysterious person was maybe to support her once her husband couldn"t.


"Jamie is a an excellent person -- it"s the communication that us have problems with. He"s just difficult to speak to," she explained, adding that Jamie has actually been deployed abroad and, as a result, he"s shut down around anything emotional.

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However, Candic was ready to acquire some honest answers about Titus -- and also understand why she never met him even though he only lived one town over (they"d also never spoken on the phone). Together expected, Titus was someone closely linked with Candic -- and also when Nev come face-to-face with Jamie (he asked for to meet the digitalrecordersreview.org host before coming clean come his wife), he gave the situation a many context.


"I can tell there to be something walk on the past few months -- also right before I started as Titus," Jamie calmly explained. "I assumed that perhaps it was me that she didn"t want anymore. Because that me, not being able to pinpoint her trouble really got to me. Stupidly, I produced Titus to check out if she would talk to someone else and if it was me the she didn"t want anymore."

From there, he elaborated that he asked her to send provocative photos and she declined due to the fact that she stated she was married. Jamie insisted he tried to leaving it in ~ that, however she maintained messaging him and opening approximately him around painful topics.


"She"s not trying to find someone else -- she"s spring for much more of you," Nev stressed. "It"s sort of fucked up what friend did."

Understandably, Candic was speechless and confused as to why Jamie would certainly think she would cheat on him. He sincerely apologized for betraying the love the his life and also stressed the the only reason he preserved the Titus alias walking was since she called Titus everything that to be wrong. In an exciting way, he obtained an knowledge of her needs, and also the two seemed closer than ever before when it was time to close the chapter on this installment.


"A tiny Catfish can help a relationship," Max declared as he and Nev left the couple.

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But have the right to it? on one hand, the pair looked happier 보다 ever and also visibly relieved the they didn"t have to live with maintaining secrets any longer. But on the other, Jamie did deceive Candic once he can have to be honest about their strained bond. Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to save watching Catfish top top Wednesdays in ~ 10/9c.