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This huge ozoner opened up August 21, 1964 and also has to be operated through the exact same family since it opened. The twin display screen 1,000-car drive-in features dual bills march thru October. It close the door on Halloween with a big Holloween Bash. Audio is noted with AM and also FM radio broadcast. Join is $6.00 for adults with kids under 12 free.

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kencmcintyre on January 28, 2006 at 3:07 pm

Here is an additional link:


Twistr54 on respectable 3, 2008 in ~ 10:15 am

Awesome journey in. Ns drive one hour to to visit every other week. This is the just time i attend a theatre. I execute not bother v walk ins any kind of longer. This ar is clean, well maintained, and also has great food and also features. The finest place to it is in in the summer, the Capri journey in in Coldwater Michigan. Admission this year, 2008 is $8.00 per adult. Still cheaper 보다 the walk ins. !!! and also you gain 2 movies, its an excellent to attend a twin feature in these days the cram lock in and also get castle out,and cram for the next showing. You re welcome attend this historic wonderful drive in, v a screen that is 75 ft tall and 150 ft wide. No to walk in can claim that. The presentation is decision clear and also the FM sound in your vehicle is the best.


Twistr54 on respectable 3, 2008 at 10:20 to be

View connect this have to take you to my photo paper of the Capri.

TLSLOEWS on may 11, 2010 in ~ 12:41 pm

Very classic Chuck the theatre and also the car.

Mike Rogers on might 19, 2010 at 7:15 pm

I think i check out the 2nd screen listed below the big one v the vehicle in front.

Giles top top July 13, 2013 in ~ 2:12 pm

I’m confused, the displays look to it is in 2.35 aspect ratio fixed, yet for movies that space 1.85 – carry out they crop off the tops and also bottoms to to fill the entire screen? This look at to be the situation of the picture of ‘Monsters University’ frame on their facebook page.

Chris1982 top top September 24, 2014 at 11:02 afternoon

The Capri has actually made the conversion to digital projection.

MichaelKilgore top top July 17, 2017 in ~ 2:48 pm

Operation / ownership highlights indigenous The Capri Story web page on its net site:

The 1000 Car, solitary screen Drive-In opens on august 21st, 1964 through owner-operators John and also Mary Magocs.

A contest was hosted at the Drive-In shortly after it opens up to decide on a name… the winner got a brand new sewing machine. The winning name was The Capri. The name was submitted by… mar Magocs (and yes, she kept the sewing machine :–)

Admission in 1964 was $1.00 and a cheeseburger to be 45¢. The snack bar at the time was leased come Auto City Candy company of Detroit. Operating a Drive-In because that the Magocs was a household affair. John and also Mary, john Jr. And Tom, spent plenty of a night making certain the present went off each night.

In 1977, the procedure of the Capri Drive-In was leased to william Clarke that Coldwater if the Magocs resided in Florida. In 1980, Tom and also John Jr. Resumed operation of the theatre. Tom and also John Jr. Were 5 and 9 years old as soon as John and also Mary opened the theatre. After 16 years of discovering the ropes, the guys took over. Among their first decisions to be to install AM radio transmission of the movie sound. This to be cutting edge modern technology at the time in the Drive-In industry. All yet 5 rows of speaker were removed.

In 1982, Susan Magocs (Tom’s beautiful wife) assumed operation of the Snack Bar. In between 1964 and 1981 the snack bar had been run separately. For those that you who remember earlier 20 years, this to be a significant UPGRADE because that the concession stand. The Capri Drive-In’s concession currently consistently rates as one of the ideal Drive-In concessions in operation.

In 1986, the Capri ended up being a twin. Display Two was included on the ago side that theatre. Display One’s auto capacity was reduced to 550 cars, with display Two parking 300 more. It was currently that 5 continuing to be rows of speakers were likewise removed. In 1996, sadly, the initial “showman”, man Magocs Sr. Passed away in his Naples, Florida home.

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Concession 1997 v 2000 saw The Capri Drive-In continually rise their an innovation and film exhibition capabilities. FM radio infection of the sound, complying with by FM Stereo carried indoor theater sound quality to the the end show. The addition of a Red Dye Cye Analog filter (which to be replacing silver Nitrate on brand-new films) permitted the Capri may be to present current very first run films.