A new patch update for call of Duty: unlimited Warfare, variation 1.13, is currently live on game stations 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Featured Content and also What’s New:Double XP Tokens available in the Quartermaster (use a 2XP token to dual the XP of your previous match)General Fixes:The KBS-Longbow and TF-141 inflict different quantities of damage, i beg your pardon is inconsistent once comparing the weapon damage stats because that both weapons. This has actually been fixedFix for kills made through an power weapon and combination mag were no tracking for the expanded Mags call challengeFixed an worry with tacking kills because that the Blood Anvil “Ace” MissionFix for the ‘Time Played’ tower in the Combat document barracks not displaying the unit of timeCarpet Bomb difficulty previously just tracked kills excellent by Scorchers. Progress may now additionally be acquired by using: Trinity Rockets, Bombardment, Warden, T.H.O.R, and also AP-3XFix for the countdown timer not showing up while in manage of the RC-8 in CrankedVarious map fixesAdjustments to energetic Camo visibility: energetic Camo will currently be slightly more visible, mostly while in motionFix for an problem where football player entering an Infected complement as a Synaptic therefore they nothing look like constant infectedFix for yellow loading icon showing up in Search and also Destroy while CODCastingWhen firing native the hip with the VPR, the reticle would certainly not appear red as soon as close to an enemy. This has actually been fixedShockwave Updates:Increased non-lethal damageSlightly increased non-lethal radius that Shockwaves performed native low and also moderate heightsSlightly enhanced lethal radius that Shockwaves performed indigenous moderate heightsGreatly boosted lethal radius the Shockwaves carry out from good heightsSlide adjustments: Slightly lessened maximum initial slide velocityAdjusted Search and Destroys spawns ~ above Retaliation as soon as defending. Defender spawns were moved forward to facilitate much faster times to the bomb sites

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Sometimes, less is more. Vice versa, Nacht der Untoten feeling barebones and also a contemporary map favor Die Maschine is chock complete of features, Kino der Toten strikes that fine balance the power, whilst carrying the best map in CoD zombies history.

Kino’s cinema is most likely the many iconic setting in the franchise and its level architecture makes the map unbelievably accessible. Turning on the power, going through the curtains, and also seeing the decimated venue is a cool feeling.

You deserve to manipulate exactly how the zombies will obtain to you, depending on which doors girlfriend unlock, and the Projector room uses the perfect respite native the chaos. Kin der Toten never ever stops gift a blast come play, and that’s why we think it’s the finest CoD zombie map in the game’s history.

So there you have it! every 49 zombie maps ranked, and also our top five CoD zombie maps in order as well.

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