Carrollton motors are car dealer in Carrollton, Georgia. They are detailed here together buy right here pay here dealer in Villa Rica. Girlfriend can call Carrollton motors using call number (770) 214-8149. They space Rated 4.7 the end of 5, dealers based upon 141 Google reviews located at 631 Bankhead Hwy, Carrollton, GA 30117.

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Great organization started through Kristi answering plenty of questions native an extremely specific buyer and running out right into the rain to take photos. Umiar do the transaction quick and an easy by completing every little thing he stated he would certainly on or more


If you are trying to find a dealership the will occupational with you to placed you in a vehicle, this is absolutely the place. Mine husband and also I were really pleased with our experience here as we looked for a larger vehicle for our farming family. The much more


Just purchase a F Lariat indigenous them great people great customer service very respectful i flew in from Texas got here late due to the fact that my aircraft was delayed in the gentleman met me in ~ the dealership after hours to make sure that I obtained my an ext


Beautiful choice of vehicles to choose from. Good experience, trusted staff, an extremely personable. Highly recommend. Ns love my Enclave.


I bought an electric car from the end of state native Carrollton Motors. From my very an initial email Ed was incredibly advantageous with my relatively involved questions, and constantly did what he stated he would. No automatic replies ever, simply an intelligent an ext

Absolutely wonderful experience here. That a family owned business and they will treat friend like household here. I acquired my Q here and Suhaib aided me uncover it and helped me throughout the whole process. They made me feel comfortable the whole much more

Just want to take it a minute and thank Umair for a great, haggle cost-free buying endure at Carrollton Motors. My son and I drove under from Atlanta come buy a Scion tC. The car was in an excellent shape and Umair was very helpful throughout the purchase more

Very happy and also pleased v the employees, never pressured united state in come buying a vehicle, very helpful and professional definitely will recommend and will be earlier in the future

I cant say thanks to Ed in ~ Carrollton electric motors enough. My car was totaled during a storm and also I saw them to buy an additional car. Ns was no able to till the insurance allowance check and also all the cleared. They hosted the vehicle I want for me till I was able an ext

If you space in the sector for a clean provided car, look no further than Carrolton Motors. I made a hour journey to discover our RV puller and also was a small nervous about buying native a tiny dealer. Ns was very surprised to uncover Carrolton. You can more

Everyone at Carrollton electric motors were an excellent to transaction with, i drove hours due to the fact that they had the exact auto I was trying to find in inventory. It to be the easiest and fastest car purchase i have ever before made.

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