When you speak about little schoolers through talent, watch now further than Emmanuel Butler. Execute you remember when Anquan Boldin came out of college? He was a huge wide the end with great size and abilities. Well Emmanuel butler is the same kind of player.

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Butler is breaking documents at NAU, and one NFL team is going to be blessed. Pay fist folks, Emmanuel servant is the next big thing in ~ the wide receiver position.

What is your main goal going into your final season?

My key goal going right into this last season is to victory a championship and prove that ns am indeed the ideal college WR in the country.

As a little schooler, exactly how are you planning to separate yourself native the other huge school players?

I setup to separate myself by what I carry out on Saturday. The film will speak for itself.

Who is the toughest player ~ above the opposite next of the sphere you have actually to challenge in practice?

We have actually a lot of good players on ours defense, I think that the toughest player I need to go against is Wes Sutton, number 28 and also he plays safety for NAU. Stay tuned because this will certainly be a breakout year because that him.

Who is the many underrated player on your team?

The most underrated player on our team is Elijah Marks. The is the WR ~ above the other side that me and also he is an extremely explosive and also makes a many of great plays.

What’s your best memory of college so far?

My finest memory of college so far has been play football. Over there is nothing choose going out on Saturday and also competing!

What is the many memorable pat so far in her career?

My most memorable pat in my job is playing my first game in the Skydome. Ns was a true freshman and had 2 touchdowns.

What is the coolest thing you ever did turn off the ar for who else?

The coolest point I have ever before did turn off the ar for someone else was market my help and knowledge around life. There’s a many of human being who I have actually encountered that have not been together fortunate as others and also when i am able to offer support or assist in any means it’s truly a blessing.

Why walk you pick your present number?

I picked my number 8 because if you turn it to the side it is one infinity sign, and football is something I desire to be doing forever.

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If one NFL GM was reading this (Which they do), just how would you offer yourself in a couple sentences? 

I am the finest WR in the country, I have the finest ball skills in the country, and I to be a competitor. No issue what you want me to do, even if it is it’s capture a ball, block a punt, or even kick the ball I to be going to carry out it in ~ a high level.

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