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“My wife and I journey from main Indiana come Chicago for a meeting. Afterwards, several of the locals in ~ the meeting invited united state to go with them come Takito Street. It to be a fabulous idea.…” more


“My husband and also I heard the this place from my brother. Us both had actually the birria tacos v consomé. Serious delicious and also did not disappoint. Due to the fact that it's covid us ordered, parked…” more

“ ~ above a Wednesday because that once and wanted to shot something different. The burritos space as big as her head” more

“ burios as large as her head, but they've gained nothing on Algela's. And apparently their open late” more

“Amazing! ns heard therefore many an excellent things around this location so I made decision to try it for myself. The birria quesadillas were absolutely very delicious and very flavorful.…” more

“AMAZING mexican food!!!! among the best sit down Mexican restaurants I've to be to in the city without a doubt. You get so lot food for her money, and it's…” more

“Coming here was together an experience for me! my dad and also uncles would certainly come right here 25+ years back for burritos and I had no idea how close this is to whereby I…” more

“I have made a point for the previous 10 year to shot as countless authentic Taqueria's in Chicago as possible. Allende is the ideal one and also its no close. Every little thing is…” more

“ ("burritos as big as your head") but this ar is so lot better. The gets liven at/around 1:30am v late.” more

“There aren't enough an excellent things to say about Cafe Tola. The food is delicious and fresh. The service is kind and also approachable. The an are is beautiful and…” more

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“Good atmosphere, the patio has cute lights, fountain, and very laid earlier style. The drinks room good! We had actually mango, strawberry, lime, enthusiasm fruit, and spicy…” more

“Voted #1 Birria tacos in Chicago. Shot Our famous Birria, Carne Asada, exhilaration Pork, Chicken, Mahi Mahi and much more Tacos Today. Or, pick from a wide choice of Brisket, BBQ, Cuban…” more