Here is the demo that “Bagman” the made it’s method on come our 6th album. I videotaped this making use of my laptop. -Dean examine out a brand new memo:demo here:

New memo:demo

Feb 3, 2015

Check out the latest enhancement to memo:demos, an early version of “Black Heart” through an alternating pre-chorus.


Jan 29, 2015

Howdy y’all. I believed I’d begin these new “memo:demos” to share part audio clips that are tape-recorded on my phone which incorporate anything from alternative solos, songs from the allude in time of your conception and also some new ditties. Have actually fun and...

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Black heart (Fan Video)

Jan 18, 2015


Arizona Bike week – 3.28.15

Dec 17, 2014

We will certainly be play at the Arizona Bike main in Scottsdale on in march 28th. Click below for more information:

Robert on the cover of base Guitar Magazine

Oct 21, 2014

Robert is on the covering of this month’s base Guitar Magazine. Acquisition the newspaper by clicking here:

Photos indigenous Buzzfest Weenie Roast in Houston, TX

Jul 28, 2014

Check the end these photos native our performance at the Buzzfest Weenie Roast in Houston, TX by click HERE. Picture credit bother Reese.

Interview v 94.5 The Buzz

Jul 21, 2014

Check the end our interview with 94.5 THE BUZZ’s stick Ryan from last weekend’s Bud light Weenie Roast 2014

Bayfest 2014!

Jul 11, 2014

We will certainly be play at Bayfest in Downtown Mobile, AL top top Friday, October 3rd! Tickets walk on sale tomorrow, July 12. Extr information for the present can be uncovered at

The Buzz Weenie Roast

Jun 6, 2014

We will be playing The 2014 Bud irradiate Weenie Roast at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, TX ~ above July 19, 2014! Tickets go on revenue on June 13th! more information available at
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