So simply started play this game. Dang it im loving it. One thing tho, exactly how to flurry rush? ive been act the evade thing however the flurry rush wont trigger. Is this some skill I need to unlock?


It needs to be timed appropriately for it to activate, just as they strike have to do it. Likewise make sure to dodge correctly; upright strikes must dodged to the side and also horizontal strikes through a flip.

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It's all around timing her jump before or ~ your foe swings. Ns would practice a little bit on a short level Lynel (like the one by Zora's Domain). Right as soon as it swings, jump ago and press B. It should activate as soon as you time the right. Then, fight B as lot as you have the right to until it ends!

To it is in a bit more precise 보다 what has been post in this object already, the jump switch has to be pressed (for either a next hop or a ago flip) while there is an active hitbox close to Link. That doesn't matter if the next hop or earlier flip in reality dodged the attack.


As an example, if you do a ago flip just as a moblin is about to swing a sword horizontally, a flurry rush could not trigger even if the earlier flip dodged the attack.


Alternatively, if a lizalfos stabs at and also misses Link, and also then you carry out a side hop, a flurry rush will generally trigger. This is since the the spear still has an energetic hitbox (touching the spear in ~ that point in time would damage Link) and also not because your side hop in reality dodged the attack.

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Take keep in mind that it won't activate automatically. You'll should press the strike button for it come trigger. It have to be available if you evade properly and also trigger the slow-down.

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