To administer a fun, safe, supportive location for children to learn and also grow; to have ongoing relationships v caring adults; and to take component in life enhancing programs emphasizing leadership and also character development, education, health and also life an abilities and sports, fitness and recreation

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Executive Director

Mr. Derek F. Curran

Main address

60 Pond roadway

Arlington, MA 02474 USA

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Jennifer Goodwin

Community relationships and advancement Coordinator

Fundraising call phone: (781) 648-1617

Physical Address

60 Pond lane

Arlington, MA 02474

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60 Pond lane

Arlington, MA 02474

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Legal surname of organization: Arlington boys & girls Club, Inc.

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EIN because that payable organization: 04-2149320


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What are the organization's current programs, exactly how do they measure up success,and who perform the program serve?

The Arlington guys & girl Club supplies youth periods 6 and also up a safe, caring, "kid friendly" place to go during non college hours. Through a $30 yearly membership, youth have accessibility to the facility and can take component in tasks 50 main of the year. The Club has a gymnasium, a cook pool, a specialized Teen Room, and a games room. While in ~ the Club, youth interact in program and activities that promote academic success, good character and also citizenship and also healthy lifestyles. Adult staff and also volunteers carry out supportive relationship by serving as positive duty models, by acquisition an interest in your lives and by encouraging youth come become associated in program such as Diplomas come Degrees, power Hour, and Leaders Club. The guys & Girls society of America has occurred these tested, proven and nationally known programs design to offer youth an opportunity to grow while having actually fun.

Project learn reinforces the academic enrichment and also school engagement that young world by offering members an chance to expand and strengthen academic skills while at the Club. The strategy is based upon study that students carry out much better in school as soon as they spend their the end of school hours involved in fun, however academically beneficial activities. Through job Learn, staff usage all areas and programs in the club to create avenues for high yield learning tasks which incorporate reading and writing, discussions through knowledgeable adults, homework help, tutoring STEM education and activities that build cognitive skills. Confirmed based programs arisen by the guys & Girls society of America such as power Hour, a homework assistance program; club Tech, a technology training regime ; and also Diplomas 2 Degrees, a college and post secondary readiness program; are used to encourage members to become self directed learners.

The Arlington boys & girls Club"s beforehand Education & school Age care programs room designed come enrich the social,emotional, physical and also intellectual advance children. The programs space licensed by the republic of Massachusetts department of early on Education and Care and administer an environment in which youngsters can develop skills to help them succeed academically and also socially. Alphabet Preschool offer 80 youngsters ages 2.9 to 5 years. V a focus placed upon finding out through play, the curriculum enables the children to develop an abilities that will aid them succeed in school. The Afterschool routine serves kids in grades kindergarten to five. This regimen provides treatment for children during the non institution hours and provides a safe ar for children to grow and also learn. Activities designed come promote scholastic success, an excellent character and also citizenship and healthy lifestyles are included in the day-to-day program.

Youth periods 10 to 17 have actually an opportunity to take component in programs designed to develop interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and also a sense of community. Programs provide activities designed to assist youth acquire knowledge essential to graduate native high school and prepare for post-secondary education and also career success. It affords teenagers an possibility to end up being leaders and to obtain work experience. The junior Leaders club is a little group leadership program because that youth eras 10 to 12. Society staff gives direction designed to aid participants find out to work together in ~ the Club and in the community. The Youth Leader program gives members ages12 come 14 a chance to offer as aides in programs, enabling them to end up being familiar v a work environment while finding out job an abilities such together leadership, responsibility and working through others. Job Launch prepares teens eras 14 to 17 because that the functioning world. Teens discover careers and make sound educational options while functioning at the Club.

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The club supports the advancement of healthy and balanced lifestyles because that its members by encouraging members to learn healthy habits and also become an ext physically active. By serving as positive duty models, staff motivates Members periods 6 come 17 come take part in open up swims and also open gyms i m sorry are scheduled each day. Instructional programs in dance, sports, fitness and also aquatics provide members avenues to learn healthy life skills. Team sports and also social recreation programs help members combine interpersonal skills, positive habits & good character. Program such together Triple Play, Smart move , guys Night Out and Smart Moves provide tools to assist members make healthy choices. These programs, emerged by the guys & Girls club of America, are tiny group health, fitness, prevention/education & self-esteem enhancement programs. Participants discover societal attitudes and values together they build skills for eating right, continuing to be physically fit and also developing optimistic relationships through peers & adults.