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Synonyms: Enjoy brand-new life with my daughter, I'm a Middle-Aged guy Who gained My Adventurer patent Revoked, yet I'm enjoy it a Carefree Lifestyle because I have an lover Daughter Now
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SynopsisDouglas was once well-known as a legend magician. But now that is called an old man, his human body fails and becomes tattered. In addition, he's fired indigenous the brave party, and eventually the guild strips the of his adventurer's license. In this way, Douglas, that was figured out to travel alone, encounters a cursed girl, Ravi, if wandering, and the trip of two world begins.(Source: MU)


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so what walk this ridiculously long title about an adventuring male with a daughter can give us?The formula because that on i beg your pardon the manga is composed is quite simple. Take it the episodic/arc-based adventures from any adventure fiction, include the powerfantasy from isekais, then spice it v some household relationship and an lover daughter the make your heart melt. Make it into a an ext lighthearted comedy centered work and also that is it. It might seem mish-mash the ideas however the manga traction it of an extremely well.For a an ext detailed version:The story is build from loosely associated arcs whereby the key duo meets with brand-new people, in brand-new places kind of choose Kino no tabi although no as philosophical. The fantasy setup seems generic, yet the writer tweaked the a tiny bit to add some depth and flavor to it. The personalities are enjoyable. Douglas may be the strongest mage yet that doesn't do him the best caretaker in the world and that provides him more believable and interesting.Next is Ravi. She is a shy, reserved and also kindhearted girl that knows very tiny about the word. She expressions renders the comedy as well as the adorable, heartwarming parts.Both of them are developing throughout the story in slow calm pace.The arts is refined. Not jaw dropping but serves the manga well.As for the themes of the manga it would be the binding of a family and also the brand-new start in life. Both that this room true because that our duo and some minor characters. The is too early on to say exactly how deep the goes however the main focus was never this lot philosophical.The worst part of the manga is probably the start. In stimulate to gain to the adventuring together, the writer had to sirloin the development and the satisfy up the our main duo. Which in turn makes some early on emotional moment fall short.Overall the manga neither want to revolutionize nor subvert anything. Want it wants is for the reader to have actually fun and also it achieves exceptionally well. That is a very enjoyable easy check out that surely placed a smile on anyone confront who reads it. Ns wholeheartedly introduce it to anyone interested.