Interview Opportunity easily accessible with Deaf the end Loud executive Producer Jonathan Murray

Washington, D.C., July 29 – adhering to on the heels that the critically acclaimed award-winning original docuseries Born This Way, A&E Network will certainly be debuting Deaf out Loud in September. A documentary special, Deaf the end Loud follows the stays of three primarily deaf families who utilize different communication modalities in daily life.

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Jonathan Murray

Executive Producer Jonathan Murray will be showing a sneak preview that the trailer at a summit top top Capitol Hill top top Monday, July 30 if moderating the panel “Fighting Implicit prejudice Through TV and Film.” Panelists include Jeanette Betancourt, SVP, U.S. Social affect of Sesame Workshop; decision R. Emery, that directed Black females in Medicine; and also Rachel Dretzin and also Andrew Solomon, director and also author of Far native The Tree. The summit, “From Washington to Hollywood and Beyond: The Future that Americans v Disabilities,” is gift presented through, a nonprofit organization fighting stigmas and advancing avenues for people with every disabilities. Murray serves on’s plank of Directors. Interview methods with Murray, who produced MTV’s The real World, and also produces A&E’s Born This Way, are accessible during the conference.

Misconceptions exist around deaf people – from schooling, come employment and also raising a family. Shows choose Deaf the end Loud target to adjust these misperceptions and also has the potential to lug awareness and better understanding around people who room deaf. This display delves right into the various ways Deaf society is to express and taken on in the unified States. The three family members will display viewers the diversity of Deaf culture today, and also how it different from listening cultures.

“People with disabilities must see hopeful representations the themselves, both as civilization with satisfying personal lives and also as human being who deserve to perform successfully in the workplace,” Murray said. “Those positive photos will change for the far better the method the greater society sees people with disabilities, opened up an ext opportunities for them.”

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As with depiction of human being with all varieties of disabilities, Deaf people are underrepresented in television and also film. There space some good examples, however. Amongst them space Quantico, special Marlee Matlin, who is also an executive, management producer ~ above Deaf out Loud; The silent Child, showcasing the talents of six-year-old Maisie Sly, who uses British sign language; Baby Driver, with a relocating performance through the African-American deaf actor C.J. Jones; and Wonderstruck in i beg your pardon deaf freshman Millicent Simmonds astonished critics and audiences with a magnificent, visually expressive performance.

Deaf movie producer Delbert Whetter described the prominence of making use of authentic deaf gibbs in a piece for The Hollywood Reporter. “Sign language has tremendous cinematic properties, with distinctive and complex forms the inflection, intonation and pitch that have the right to take years to master however can amplify and also deepen performances in ways easily accessible to every audiences,” the wrote. Whetter also is obtainable for in-person interviews in ~ the summit.


Kaity Hagen’s conference also features Deaf support Kaity Hagen, that will be speaking as part of the “Importance that Intersectionality: permitting People that Color and Immigrants through Disabilities to Succeed” panel. She will be speaking alongside Stepahnie Farfan, an alumna of’s National leadership Program and also Clarence Page, Pulitzer-Prize to win columnist because that The Chicago Tribune. Donna Walton, founder and also president of The Divas with Disabilities Project, will certainly moderate this panel.

The occasion will be occurring in the Rayburn home Office Building, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m. With formal remarks start at 9:00 a.m. The complete conference agenda (all open to the press) is easily accessible on’s website here: Space is extremely limited and RSVPs room required.

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Deaf the end Loud is created by Bunim/Murray Productions, with Murray, Gil Goldschein, Laura Korkoian, Matlin and also Jack Jason as the executive producers. Executive, management producers because that A&E Network are Elaine Frontain Bryant, Shelly Tatro and Jeana Dill.