Pre-release info on Borderlands 2 asserted there would be a "shared stash" i beg your pardon you can use to transfer between your created characters. Just how do I access the shared stash?


The stash crate is situated in the northwest corner of Sanctuary, just past Zed"s clinic. To get accessibility to the stash, speak to Claptrap (who is in the very same location) and he will give you an absurdly "impossible" mission. Follow the mission to its conclusion, i beg your pardon will suggest out the place of the stash. You can deposit as much as 4 items in the shared stash, i m sorry you have the right to remove with any type of other personalities you create.

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See also this walkthrough video on IGN.


Aside from the stash box stated in the current accepted answer, in True / ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, you deserve to also access Claptrap"s mystery Stash near the starting location that the game.

It is discovered at Claptrap"s Place, Windshear garbage (in a closet wherein several broken claptraps room stored and the very first "Cult the the Vault" symbol have the right to be found).



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