Why is Ruby's Wrath, a launcher with a theoretical output of 215,000 crit-able damage per trigger pull, being out performed by so many other weapons ideal now? The numbers do it as though RW should hit choose a truck.

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I open minded dont also look in ~ the damages number as soon as I pick up a total I've never ever seen before. That is the many unreliable stat. Ns just have to shoot it come see just how it works.

I've bene curious about that too, choose why perform rocket launchers have actually suck high damages numbers however smgs out damages them at every turn? Why is a high fire price so necessary in borderlands when impact and preventing power are much better in any type of other shooter

The low accuracy pretty much mandates the use of the alt fire, and also the vortex grenade traction together and tags multiple enemies, make it difficult to focus fire top top one enemy

It's also pretty useless if the grenade's ~ above cooldown, because, again, short accuracy

You deserve to tell Gearbox tried come rectify this with the Plumage yet unfortunately the on-kill tracker explosion is pretty useless at marking enemies so that still sick the specific same problem

That 22% accuracy probably had actually something to carry out with it. 200,000+ damage is great, but all 7 shots have to hit.

It's an Atlas-Weapon. You mark your opponents with the tracking grenade and all of those rockets will residence in ~ above the target. Quiet laughable damage

It's nigh usable there is no the vortex grenade and the vortex grenade is an extremely unreliable. Without tracking 70% that the missiles will miss a human-sized target and 10% of them will certainly one shot friend instead. I doubt it will be advantageous even with auto-tracking because it's complicated to obtain crit through this weapon. I assumed this weapon might be valuable to get 2nd wind but turns the end Ruby's Wrath is simply useless.

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I don't understand why rocket launchers sucking in bl3 either, it's kinda comparable to how they to be in bl1 yet even worse somehow. Can't count on them for anything anymore, in bl2/tps they were a handy "delete enemy" tool

It's non-elemental and like many non-elemental firearms it doesn't have actually the base damages to counter not benefiting indigenous elemental damage boosts or exploiting elemental resistances. Being a detailed multi-projectile weapon also means it doesn't advantage as much from extra projectile skills like two F4ng or play Dirty the means something prefer a Scourge or Plaguebearer would.