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What's up drifters! We desire to repeat you that international contest co-sponsored by link is quiet on! complete for a complimentary CarX Drift racing Online crucial for the platform of your choice or a CarX limited Edition T248 wheel by Thrustmaster!
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We space pleased to announce the the new Drift come the sun event has already begun! rush to check out the game to discover out what we have actually prepared because that you.This time, football player can gain the speed car, basic VX, Fujin SX. Which one you will get - Lady Luck will decide.L :
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Dear players!We ask you to answer a very straightforward question:What patent did you favor the many in the game CarX Rally? :
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What's up drifters! We've got vast news because that you! CarX Drift Racing online PTR 2.13.0 (v.2) is easily accessible now for heavy steam players! W :
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What's increase drifters! game stations Indies revenue is quiet on! Don't miss the chance to gain CarX Drift Racing virtual 65% cheaper or also 75% in instance you have actually PS plus subscription. Ti :
What's increase drifters! Some impressive shots native CarX Drift gyeongju 2 for you! Credits to picasso_art_6969 (Instagram). :
What's up drifters! heavy steam Halloween revenue is quiet on and also so is CarX Drift racing Online one-of-a-kind 30% offer! rush up no to miss a opportunity to sign up with the world of online drift with your friends! attach
What's up drifters! brand-new CarX Drift racing Online video clip by Wazzup for you! and don't forget, the there is a most mods avaialble at steam Workshop because that CarX Drift racing Online! En :
Are you all set for the scariest holiday of the year?We are yesWe educate you the right currently you can obtain CarX Drift Racing virtual from the steam store because that a scary 30% discount! :
HORROR IS sending out SHIVERS under THE SPINE,BECAUSE that is HALLOWEEN TIMECarX Drift gyeongju 2 announces full readiness for trick or treating. Sign up with in the celebration of the scariest vacation of the year :
Racers,If youve been thinking how to do this Halloween a memorable event, think no more. Just take component in international dispute which this time is co-sponsored through Thrustmaster, a worldwide brand for exceptional gaming gear!Once again, its an international event which method youll be competing versus other players from approximately the world. Execute you think youre prepared to take on this challenge? :
We notice the winners of the compete "Me and CarX Technologies"Thank you all for the sort words the you write to us, aid us grow and also develop. You are the ideal community and we love you all!So the winners are: :
One of the best things around CarX Drift Racing digital for steam are, definitely, steam Workshop mode possibilities! check out Goosiest's new video and don't forget to examine out vapor workshop to discover some fun and an imaginative content! enjoy wathcing!:
New look of an international Map at CarX StreetHey, guys! this particular day we'd like to share with you how an international map will certainly look like currently (work in progress).We are waiting for your comments and also suggestions.:
What's up, Racers! We check out your comments and they are really valuable. So we made a cool brand-new event flying Hummel, i m sorry is already obtainable in CarX Drift racing 2This time you can gain a Lynx car and an update for it. And also with a special pass - Hummel. Also, an upgrade will certainly be easily accessible for this car. :
What's up drifters! CarX Drift Racing virtual 2.12.1 update is accessible now because that Nintendo move players!What's brand-new we've obtained for this update: :
What's up drifters!Just in instance you've missed, we space happy come remind: CarX Drift Racing virtual for Sony Playstation one-of-a-kind 65% off offer (+5% because that PS Plus) is quiet on!Don't miss out on the chance to sign up with the human being of digital drift and don't forget to tell your friends! :
What's up, Racers! The brand-new Sky Luxury event has currently begun!This time girlfriend can gain the above Hakosuka, and also with unique pass - Eleganto . :
Users often send images of your profiles in ~ CarX Drift gyeongju 2. This might not always be convenient: the display clogs up the photograph album, the human being who obtained the id must go into it manually. So we are sharing a life hack because that those who did no know how to make it easier.If you want to send her Player ID, you require to get in your profile and also click the "copy" icon, as shown in the screenshot.After providing information, it will be copied to the clipboard.:
Users regularly send pictures of their profiles in ~ CarX Drift gyeongju 2. This might not constantly be convenient: the display screen clogs up the photograph album, the human being who received the i would must get in it manually. Therefore we room sharing a life hack for those that did not know exactly how to make it easier.If you desire to send her Player ID, you require to go into your profile and click the "copy" icon, as displayed in the screenshot.After offering information, it will be duplicated to the clipboard.:
What's up, Racers!A new event at CarX Drift gyeongju 2 has begun - epic Drift Series! Hurry as much as look.This time, football player will be able to get as countless as 6 driftboxes, 3 rare bodykits and also much more. :
What's up drifters! CarX Drift Racing virtual 2.12.1 update is easily accessible now because that Xbox and also Sony game stations players! What's brand-new we've acquired for this update: :
What's up drifters! just in situation you've missed, we room happy to remind: CarX Drift gyeongju Online distinct 65% off (+5% because that PS Plus) is still on! Don't miss out on the opportunity to sign up with the human being of online drift! :
What's up drifters! We've got good news because that you! CarX Drift Racing virtual 2.12.1 update is accessible now for heavy steam players! W :
What's up, Racers! gain into the game, the progressed Training event has begun!You can get a Betsy automobile this time. :
What's up, RacersIt's time for the brand-new Glorious Drift event in CarX Drift racing 2!This time girlfriend can obtain the great Glorious XZ. And also according to a unique pass - drift boxes because that this car. :
Get ready to connect with the brand-new Link : Thrustmaster's next generation hybrid gyeongju wheel officially licensed for PS5 and also PS4 consoles. Compatible
What's up racers! We've got substantial and long-awaited news because that you! 2.12.0 is accessible now because that all steam players! :
Do girlfriend think you have the right to win?I look at you and think, if you space as good as lock say about you.Welcome to Drift united club! :
What's up, Racers! We have actually a survey ready for you. This time a inspection on human body kits.Follow the link and fill in: attach
Whats up racers! us cant ignore one very common inquiry we obtain from you these days around the release day of the next update because that CarX Drift gyeongju Online. Heres what were working on these days: :
What's up racers! ultimate Drift Setup because that Midnight through Ty Skiddz is here for you! What perform you think of it? E :
What's up, Racers! Le salon de Gaming de Monsieur Smith created a really cool review around CarX Drift gyeongju Online. It's quite when world like what us do! link
What's increase racers! It's to be a while due to the fact that we've mutual with girlfriend firnds's Goosiest content! Well, below we are! Sneak peak of upcoming CarX Drift Racing virtual 2.12.0 update with brand-new map. E :
What's up, Racers! We space pleased come announce that a brand-new Open boundaries event has currently begun!You can obtain Interstate and rise for this car! :
What's up racers! take it a look at some brand-new CarX Drift Racing digital future content in Wazzup's brand-new video! gain watching! :
Hey racers! us hope youre enjoy it CarX Drift Racing online on her Nintendo Switches.The game came out just a little over 4 weeks back but has already had a significant update which introduced cross-platform multiplayer because that Nintendo owners permitting them to compete in genuine time against gamers on other platforms. The is something no every video game can offer. :
What's up racers! right here we space with some long awaited sneak peak of dare you'll be driving on your means to the peak of CarX Street's world! What do you think :
What's up, Racers! upgrade 1.5.1 has actually been released on the CarX Rally project. Hurry as much as play! after ~ all, we have actually prepared a lot of brand-new and amazing things :

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