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"Foe tha Love the $" is the second single through Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, featuring Eazy-E, from your debut album, Creepin ~ above ah Come Up. The track was created by DJ Yella and executive produced by Eazy-E. "Foe tha Love the $" to be a vast success because that the group, make it to #41 on the Billboard warm 100, #37 on the Rhythmic top 40 and #4 top top the warm Rap Singles. The music video clip is remarkable for being Eazy-E"s critical appearance in a music video before his death. The song was contained in the soundtrack the the video game True Crime: highways of LA, together with "Thuggish Ruggish Bone". DJ Screw has additionally remixed that on the 1996 mix "Chapter 24 - 9 months Later". Parts of this song (including Jewell"s backing vocals) space recycled native the Yomo & Maulkie monitor "For the Love of Money", from your 1991 album are U Xperienced?.more »

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Foe tha" love that moneyGotta make the money manIt"s still the same nowGotta obtain on the grindPop in the clip of my nineAnd b**** if friend slipYou fight the chalk and also fall in the night timeGotta acquire mineAin"t takin no shorts or no lossesHop top top the phoneCallin" my n**** sin in ~ homePolishin" that mac-10 cromeGotta a lick so bring yo s***Cause when again it"s top top the dome through a fifth of burbWe wig come the curb so us swerveAnd rolled the end to choose up the triple 6 thugAnd follow the murder because that robbin the dooehouseSmoke run outta me bongSo high, currently comin" come slay with four grenades and a gaugeI"m a play, watch every "em autumn in the grave and also layPullin" in the driveway, wish spotted the place and quickly rolling upBulldozed with the life roomHopped the end of the car and also started to blow upBuck, buck, and also a kaboomMe go out all lock bodies almost everywhere the roomThem doomedAnd gotta relocate fast, why?The po-po"s comin"Snatch increase me yummySo n**** don"t think it"s funnyI"m comin" up fast in the niine-quatCause flesh be lovin" this moneyI"m given uo love to the hustlasAll castle st.clair thugstas makin" that money stayin" on her feetAnd you better believe gotta have that cheeseFor the environment-friendly leaves, never capture me sleepStay top top the grind, acquire mineStayin" down for mine crime, and also I hit increase the nine-nineGivin" up the llelo, makin" me sale, twenty nickles and also dimesBeat up and stick increase a lick up, that two-elevenGotta get what"s mine, climate bailin"Me kickin" up dust, I"m trailinFeelin one-eight-sevenThat"s just how it is, and also I gotsta have it in the nine-quatMission to examine a mill and still it is in realThuggin" on the glock-glock,creepin top top a come upWon"t sleep it spins I"m done upGotta blaze me dull up, hunt up another plot and also schemeGotta make part green, cause soldiers nut up, what up?Gotta acquire that service on, even though the buddah operation me, stun meFeelin" lovely, but I"m just in it because that he love of the moneyStandin" ~ above the corner straight slangin" rocksAw ahit! below comes the muthaf***in" cops!So ns dash, i ducks, and I hides behind a treeMakin" sure the muthaf***as don"t check out meNow my fat bag of rocks hell yeah ns stuffed "emPolice on my draws, I had to pauseAnd yeah, it"s still muthaf*** "emNow my video game is tight, tight as f*** is mine gameEasy muthaf***in e or eric wright it"s every the sameNow n****s might trip on exactly how I stash my gripI gotta have actually it b****For the love of this s***Muthaf***a!When dough acquired me thugsta, thuggish ways, under for my crime every timeFollow me under the nine-nine, and also you will certainly find every one of me kindCheck out the ripsta, now, fall downRun "em increase outta me hoodRip"s straight once makin" me grip through me clickRollin" through ruthless, the thug i beMe placed "em in mud, buck "em, and also pump bloodGot nothing to lose, b****Ya far better respect rip, or ya ideal check this slugIt"s goin" down stable pump and also peel rounds, gunnin" through a me gangBang, gotta make the money manIt"s tho the sameSteady runnin" thing wild, and follow me nowWhile i take girlfriend up right into a barrel the a gun, seeFor the dub you"re doneFor the bud, ns run, because that the love of mine moneyN**** down for my thug off in this gameSo peep together me creep and also me crawlin" turn off on the mission to earlier in theDaysWhen n****s to be bailin" with sawed-offs and wanted to get paidRunnin" to mine side, lil" n****, ripsta, both top top the mission because that moneyYou provide you the cash, oh, the was your a**Cause me and also me n**** to be hungryAnd b****, if you"re stallin" you can just catch one to the templeAnd um, bone raw doggin", for this reason n**** simply make tha s*** basic and runTo capture one n**** me fill "em through bullets and dump "em in riversRemember, me killa nowFor money, me destruction ya 6 feet in a ditch and get richerCause b**** you to be slippin"I"ll cut ya, climate rip ya, climate buck ya downStayed rollin" and stealin" makin" a killin"N**** drug-dealin", needing a millionHustlin" drugs once the thugs be chillin"For the money, this n****s it is in sellin" off in the cutWhere you find a n**** thuggin" turn off in braids and also skulliesAnd when I pole ya and also lick ya, rememberI get "em up because that the love the the moneyFor the love the moneyYeah, bone in the muthaf***in" residence for the nine-quats n****Yeah, rollin" v ruthless documents in this b****My n****s, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, wish bone, and also flesh-n-boneAnd I"m that n****, Krayzie Bone, in the muthaf***in" house

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