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We all want loveHow many single ladies out there, looking for love tonight? (Wooo!)Yeah, woo that sadness outThere's more where that came fromLadies, I know what you want-want-wantYou want a guy that's sweet, a guy that's toughA feminist who likes to pay for stuffThe kind of guy that gets along with your friendsWithout being attracted to any of themA good boy, a bad boy; a good bad boy;A half good, half bad, half boyLoves your brothers, sensitive but not weak andIs a great lover, calls your mother on the weekendNow you might think that this guy only exists in your mindGuess what: You're right!If you want love, lower your expectations a fewBecause Prince Charming would never settle for you~If you want love, just pick a guy and love himAnd if he's got a thing for feet, say: "Fuck it, sweep me off 'em"
Now the good thing is that at least men have very realistic expectations for women... He said, sarcastically setting up a second verse in a comedy songYou want a girl that's nice, a girl that's notObsessed with her looks, but is insanely hotThe kind of girl that you can show to your folksLoves the movies that you like and always laughs at your jokesA real girl, a hot girl; a really hot girl;A brand new, really hot, real dollWants to impress you, doesn't care if you noticeAnd only ever uses you to tickle her throat withNow you might think that this girl only exists in your mindBut she's real, but last week she diedIf you want love, lower your expectations a lotYou might think your dick is a gift, I promise it's notIf you want love, just pick a girl and love herThen whip out your dick and let the girl you love decline the offerI don't want a neat freak, I don't want a slobSomebody with bedhead and a dead-end job'Cause I won't settle for less than perfectWe want perfect children, a perfect lifeA perfect husband or a perfect wifeBut deep down we know, we don't deserve itBut-

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We all deserve love, even on the days when we aren't our best'Cause we all suck, but love can make us suck lessWe all deserve love, it's the very best part of being aliveAnd I would know I just turned 25