One that my favorite MMO stories is just how I got into Black Desert in the very first place. The was best after i tried out Final Fantasy XIV’s Eureka. Ns was excited because that the video game mode however was disappointed as soon as I lastly had a chance to play. I gave it for around three days, yet I wasn’t a substantial fan of partying up and grinding the boss monsters for hours. (It in reality looks prefer our FFXIV columnist Eliot even agreed through that sentiment.) regardless of my disappointment, I shortly realized this kind of grind was absent in my life, for this reason I started looking.

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Since I already played “the big four,” I want a change of pace, so ns looked eastward: the domain of Blade & Soul, TERA, Black Desert, and ArcheAge. Ns initially cleared up on Blade & Soul and Black Desert, yet in the finish my time (and money) went to Black Desert for three reasons: I want to it is in a dark knight, it had the nicer engine, and also it was a sandbox, a genre I never really tried.

I was in great company too. People often ask which of this two games is many worthy their time, given that they’re among the larger and also newer and also shinier korean imports. So what far better opportunity than today to take into consideration a deep, holistic, comparison in between the two games? I arrangement on making this a two-part series. For today, we’ll simply cover the different style philosophies. And also as with my criticism of Black Desert’s RNG system, I’m no going to provide a “winner” every se, but I’ll recommend the type of player that might like this particular component.

In our team’s last Overthinking article, i alluded come the esoteric nature of this games. Just a certain kind that player will certainly play grind-centric titles. However if she the form of player that desires a adjust of pace from “the large four,” they’re an excellent options. I’m also going come take several liberties: If you’re serious considering picking between these games, i’m assuming you know at the very least a tiny of what you’re acquiring yourself into. Whichever video game you choose, be all set to grind, invest money because that a form of progress, and also endure numerous randomness.


Black Desert’s architecture philosophy

This video game is a sandbox. There space very couple of instanced areas in this game, and also this game does not focus on simply grinding dungeons over and over again. Players earn their levels and also money from grinding mobs, everyday quests, and daily suffer boosts. Players walk to your favorite grind spot and also farm. New content usually comes in the type of more grind spots and regions quite than a collection of new dungeons. The dungeons Pearl Abyss does include are usually public dungeons too, but they’re more like underground grind spots more than anything.

The video game designs everything approximately this kind of grinding, v biweekly occasions usually having some form of “kill monsters because that this distinct item” component. There’s open up PvP, of course, and also players are either supposed to fight over the clues or move to an additional server. I went into information on how servers functioned in my critical article, yet the short version is that moving servers in this video game is straightforward process. You have the right to switch every 15 minutes, and also there are a the majority of shards of the gameworld, for this reason those that don’t desire to PvP can at the very least leave.

A central tenet come this game’s style is the hope that you’ll never ever be logging out of the suturing thing. There space myriad work that have the right to be excellent away indigenous the keyboard. I’ve formerly covered BDO’s fishing system, yet there’s also setup up the worker empire, crafting, building boats, and horse training. Heck, human being can even grind levels without in reality being in front of the game.

Black Desert is probably best known because that its graphics, therefore players in search of a important pretty video game should provide this video game a try. In a nod to west aesthetics, the game has really made that a suggest to present off just how shiny armor can get with last year’s Remastered patch. Major cities have a distinctive European look, and also those who took pleasure in an eastern translate of the west (akin to Dark Souls) will reap the setting.


Blade & Soul’s architecture philosophy

In contrast, Blade & Soul employs the distinctive wuxia style. Because that those no in the know, the wuxia duration is come China what the medieval time period is come Europe. It’s essentially their fantasy genre. This game is so colorful; animations produce a water-like smoothness to character movements. This was much more unfamiliar territory for me personal – not at all a bad thing! – and those searching for something the isn’t in a stereotypical west fantasy setting will enjoy the feel and also look the this.

Insofar as exactly how it’s structured, B&S has much more in common with a themepark like World that Warcraft than with BDO, yet it’s not precisely the same. There are instanced dungeons, yet they’re nowhere near as long; in fact, some of the early dungeons I’ve to be to room pretty short. Lock only around two or three rooms big, so world might also think it’s a miniature story instance. The dungeons are much more like FFXIV’s Heavensward raids with a small group the trash and also a significant boss battle in the end. This game does have an exciting tower setting too that i wish Black Desert had. (I’ll go into this in depth in the following article.) i haven’t personal played lot of this mode, but it’s basically a tower for one-on-one ceo battles.

Players also need come be aware that there are two regulate schemes for this game. The first is the quintessential activity combat mode, wherein the video game controls favor a third-person action game. The second is classic mode, i m sorry plays prefer WoW with modifications to accommodate because that the action combat. This is a big thing for me since I play better this way; together a specialized tank player, i like maintaining my eyes open up to alters in the battlefield.

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Overall, I’d say that Blade & Soul feels much more familiar come the classic MMO player than Black Desert. This game is a themepark MMO with the trinity. The tank, damages dealer, and also healer roles are present. Bosses have mechanics, so tells need to be dodged, mechanics need to be handled, and also DPS checks need to be met. Black Desert is lot lighter ~ above these varieties of mechanics, so if you favor tough, well-choreographed boss fights, walk for B&S. That’s why I’d say that Blade & Soul is much more for those who still desire a acquainted experience in a various setting.


The architecture philosophy can be enough for some players to make a decision, yet there’s still therefore much more to cover! sign up with me in mine next write-up where I’ll analyze the combat device of each game and also what they carry out with it! likewise please allow me understand in the comments what you’d favor me come look into for comparison’s sake – or if you desire me to to compare Black Desert with one more game!