Anime characters with the waving brown hair might be fictional and non-living beings, however their social impact is huge. The hairstyles, outfits, accessories, also sometimes the weapons and also superpowers are regularly heavily popular among the fans.

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For example, anime character hairstyles inspire the pan to take on those even without cosplay situations. Because that the anime fanboys v brown hair, or those who space thinking the dying their hair brown have the right to seek some impetus from this perform of 31 anime boy personalities with brown hair. Suit yourself follow to your hair length, confront shape, personality, and anime preference.

Best Anime Boy characters with Brown Hair

Below is the perform of our most favorite brown-haired anime young characters:

31. Osamu Dazai


Osamu Dazai

This secret detective with a mysterious past had actually a various career before joining armed Detective Company. That has really interesting and also mysterious points to say, and always manages to leave people around in slim ambivalence around him. But there is one thing consistent with his existence. His dark brown hair. Looks great on the doubtlessly.

30. Hiroto Honda


Hiroto Honda (aka Tristan Taylor)

Hiroto Honda (or Tristan Taylor in west version) is known for his long brown coat with elevated collar and white dress shirt. This not-so-social character from Yu-Gi-On is also known because that his brown hair in very distinct spike. V time us do an alert the adjust in Honda’s previously dispositions, but his brown mop always remains in the same position.

29. Shu Ouma


Shu Ouma with his sword

Guilty Crown’s Shu Ouma is known for his power of the King and also the valiant adventures. This major protagonist that the Anime is a pan favorite because that cosplaying. Especially among the brown-haired fans. Due to the fact that it is presented in a rather nice way!

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28. Shinji Ikari


Shinji Ikari

This laid ago main protagonist the Evangelion was elevated by his sensei. Which do him every laid back and having an accommodating personality despite being abandoned by his dad after his mother’s death. This tidy character is known for his blue eyes and also medium length brown hair.

27. Akihisha Yoshi


Akihisha Yoshii

Akihisha Yoshi that Baka to test to Shoukanjuu, in spite of being the “baka” or “idiot” is a lovable being. He could not think thoroughly or cannot comprehend what his friends are trying come convey, yet he certain loves them. His ash-brown hair with signature bangs along with the institution uniform practically became a component of his existence. However, he occasionally wears white polo.

26. Makoto Naegi

This petite boy of Hope’s optimal Academy is well-known for offering more despite his delicate appearance. This boy in the environment-friendly hoodie and the open black coat is known for his luck. This boy in black jeans is displayed to have an ext to sell in Danganronpa 보다 we could have anticipated.

25. Okita Sougo

Gintama’s Okita Sougo trained in Kondou Isao’s dojo. Sometimes he’s identified as “handsome”, and sometimes that is remarked has great looks are his only asset. Regardless of all this remarks, Sougo is known as Shinsengumi’s among the ideal swordsmen. And also let’s confront it, the does have rather great looks based on the younger feather facial features with reddish brown eyes and also light short and light brown hair.

24. Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi Kudo, the protagonist of Detective Conan is well-known for his extra-ordinary detective skills. This teenager v pale skin and also blackish brown hair has an athletic develop despite being an extremely thin. He’s kind of a badass with many unsettling experiences favor being fed off poison that turned him right into a kid by antagonists, yet he constantly managed to uncover his means back.

23. Toru Oikawa

Captain Oikawa the Hai Kyuu, that leads the Volleyball team of Aobajōsai high is well-known for his smugness. He’d make his subordinate’s bones chill with serious words appropriate after he gives them please complements. This has earned him part “opposite of love” native his teammates and also opponents. However, his cacao brown eyes and also hair tho garners some charm and manages come attract people despite his persona.

22. Tsunayozhi Sawada

This “No good Tsuna” is the main protagonist that Reborn. We check out him overcoming his offering up natures, going previous this bad grades and reluctance towards athleticism and also becoming a much more confident character. However, his spiked brown hair and also brown eyes made the look adorable due to his skinny body nevertheless.

21. Ryu

There are few characters that require no introduction given you room an anime human being or not. Ryu is just one of them. This key protagonist that street fighters is known and also loved by countless generations indigenous the eighties to this decade. Ryu was seen to have actually brown hair in Streetfighter Alpha and also Street Fighter II. This strong, silent, and determined personality is recognized for his tough work and strive because that doing better. It’s hard not to excellent him. He has been a function model to many children throughout the timeline the Street Fighters.

20. Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga, the believer in fate by bear is also a bearer of the an extremely dark brown mane that hair. The is also known for not being for this reason cheerful. Prefer he supplied to before his father died. Also though he thought that the is over the people weaker than himself, but he’d always protect them. Also, his fierce loyalty to Hyūga’s main residence is another strong trait that his personality.

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19. Rolo Lamperouge

Lamperouge, the young we see from the 2nd season of code Geass, is shown to have actually a different range of disposition. Indigenous innocent and also kind come cold and reluctant- that is rather a character to keep an eye on. However, eventually Rolo transforms out to be a quite selfless person. His brown hair and also violet eyes make him distinguished.

18. Suzaku Kururugi

Kururugi is also another character from password Geass who has a an extremely diverse disposition. Throughout the manga, us see different sides of him and how his orientation towards the sense of great and negative changes. And also how he changes as a person. But among the points that remained continuous regarding him, to be his tall physique, eco-friendly hair and also brown hair.

17. Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran, the pureblood vampire is well-known for his antics. The is the father of Ai Kuran. This 100000 years old vampire always manages come look young and also vibrant v his brown hair and red eyes. This kind and amiable vampire is also known for his stylish attire.

16. Saton Kazuma

Konusuba’s main protagonist Saton Kazuma is a young boy who was reincarnated after fatality to a fantasy world. This young boy later ended up being morose around his brand-new life in the fantasy civilization after finding out part sad and also unfair reality. However, there is much more to his cynical and cold demeanor in him. His brown hair and green eye speak the his younger and also innocent self.

15. Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi of Kiseijuu is an amazing character with brown hair and brown eyes. That is nice and kind person. However, his partner would call him a wimp. However, when he to be infected by a parasite in his right arm, things changed. That is so sort that he called his parasite Migi. Through Migi in his life, numerous things changed.

14. Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen has actually a selection of physical and behavioral dispositions transparent Bleach. He is a male of manners and also intellect. However, ~ above ascending together Hueco Mundo, he provided up ~ above the glasses and also swept his brown hair back, that showed more of one authoritative and also tougher look.

13. Shiro Aburame

Shiro Aburame is native Aburame clan. He has actually been quiet and also poised since childhood. He has actually a prowess in Aburame clan’s insect-based techniques. This dark brown haired male of Naruto world wears Aburame clan’s signature dark sunglasses and also green jacket.

Akimichi clan’s Chōji is known for two things. His loyalty to his clan, and also his love because that food. In Naruto, that is known for his caring disposition and politeness. However, he lacks self-confidence which renders him quite vulnerable. Chōji is recognized for his brown increase spiked hair swirls top top his cheek. However, he is an extremely sensitive come the remarks about his human body shape. He doesn’t choose it once he’s referred to as fat, or if someone rather eats the critical chip or snacks.

11. Yamato

Yamato’s true name is tho unknown. This mysterious man is one Anbu that Konohagakure. Yamato (or ) to be a instead of Kakashi Hatake the team Kakashi. He is well-known for his management quality and mysterious nature. His brief brown hair and black eyes are his signature features. His calmness during an essential and stressful moments provides him among the famous poised characters in Naruto.

Eren is the key protagonist of strike on Titans. That is well-known for gift friendly and amiable. Eren has strong sense that morality and justice and vows to protect his house from the evil forces after the Titans death her mother. This sad incident shaped him right into a hardcore fighter. However, that carries physics resemblances v his mother like the elongated rotund face, and brown hair.

9. Raye Penber

Raye Penber, the half Japanese FBI investigator of death Note is a persistent person. He is recognized for his extreme investigation around Light Yagami. His brown hair and light eyes space his distinguishing physical feature.

8. Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad is an interesting character of Gundam 00 universe. The is originally seen as a dreamy and also hardworking young man. That was next door neighbor come Setsuna F. Seiei. Transparent the two seasons of Gundam, we watch Saji going with facing many different things and becoming more mature. His brown eyes and hair space his distinguishing feature choose his larger sister Kinue.

7. Alejandro Corner

Alejandro edge is the principal antagonist of the very first season of Gundam 00. He originally favors the Celestial Beings but things do readjust later. This terrific pilot has actually God complex and addiction for power and also authority. The wears his long brown anime hair in a ponytail and prefers wearing golden suits.

6. Light Yagami

Light Yagami, the protagonist of fatality Note is famous approximately the world. This righteous young male wanted to usage the power of fatality Note to get rid of criminals. Irradiate is a tall young guy with irradiate brown hair and eyes. He is popular amongst his peers because that being one amicable and also intelligent person.

5. Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru Hitachiin of Ouran High School hold club is the larger of the Hitachiin twins. In spite of being the older one, that is well-known for his family member childishness. He and also his younger pair make it hard for anyone in Ouran to tell them apart. However, Haruhi can constantly tell them regardless of your tactics. Hikaru generally parts his hair come right.

4. Karou Hitahiin

Karou is the younger Hitachiin twins. He is more mature and also level-headed than his enlarge brother. However, that is still together mischievous as his brother. Alike his brother he confuses world with your identities together well. Yet Haruhi manages to tell castle apart anyway. The is the first one to break out the reality that they cannot live forever as co-dependent as they have come to be over the years. Karou components his hair come the right.

3. Syaoran Li

Li at first started together the antagonist the Cardcaptor Sakura. He was cold and also mean towards Sakura. However, the warmed up towards her through time and also they aided each other. Li was much shorter than his partner when an initial seen, sporting short brown hair and big eyes. He thrived taller with the development of seasons. That is typically seen put on the college uniform.

2. Lyle Dylandy

Lyle Dylandy is the similar twin brother of Gundam Meister Neil Dylandy (Lockon Stratos). Prefer his older twin brother, he likewise has tall, handsome features, long brown hair and also a rather flirty nature. Lyle is likewise a experienced shooter prefer his brother and also was a member the Katharon prior to joining the Celestial us in Gundam 00. Due to the fact that he was constantly compared to Neil, and Neil was praised for being the an ext competent one, Lyle has arisen an inferiority facility and bring away time in trusting others.

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1. Neil Dylandy

Neil Dylandy is the initial Lockon Stratos in Gundam 00. A an extremely important member that Celestial Beings, Neil is known for his considerate and friendly nature. He has actually long brown hair and handsome features. Neil and his younger pair brother Lyle are of irish origin. Neil has strong dislikes towards terrorists since his parents and younger sister was eliminated in a terrorist attack. Neil is the unannounced leader the Gundam Meisters and had one orange, Haro. His sharpshooting an abilities were impeccable and that earned the the surname Lockon Stratos!

These 31 anime characters have their own means of sporting your brown hair in your own way (well, the Dylandy twins might wear it the same, but hey, that deserve to be an ideas for similar twins with lengthy brunet hair). It’s never ever a negative idea to try something different with your hair.