There are a couple of things still left unusual by this theory-- Eide's fence trick being the optimal one, if i recall correctly. The video game does a great job that presenting ambiguity, despite this is certainly one possible explanation.

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The an easy answer to the is the Eide just dumped the guy over the fence and then jumped over it. He's obtained a nice sizable command ahead the Mae and also it's no that difficult to climb a chain link fence, particularly one that's only as tall together you are.

I'd say a bigger item of evidence of paranormal spookiness is the fact that Mae dreams about a bunch that ghost musicians that she doesn't know about yet, yet even that can be defined away by her having been said the story lengthy ago, and forgot it other than in she subconscious

I'm so late to the thread, however I witnessed Scott Benson retweet this post, so ns took it the he agreed v it?

There are just two kinds of monster in Night in the Woods. There’s the terrible void in ~ the facility of things, the feet in the world whose existence makes Mae dissociate, offers her migraines and also anxieties, renders her suppress she emotions and also eventually lash the end in rage – and also there’s the world who worship and feed it. The emptiness has both a physical location – under in the abandoned mine, inextricably linked to Possum Springs’s economic decrease – and also a existence in the mind, creeping right into dreams, draining hopes, multiplying fears. Yes sir no have to belabor the point; the effects of capitalism on the body, the mind and also the neighborhood are interlinked and devastating.

Yep, and also one of the creators said on the leftist podcast Discourse collective that it to be in plenty of ways an anti-capitalist narrative, and also I've heard many of the writers/developers involved are members of the democratic Socialists of America

The big question is, why Mae had actually those worries while in college, the gas leak remained in possum springs, what would make she snap again in there?

If i recall the events correctly (I might really be wrong here) she didn't really snap in college. It's an ext like she was exceptionally afraid the everything around her (likely due to the fact that of mental concerns caused by she actions). She pain for not being may be to attach with the events and also the civilization in there made she come home.

I think Mae walk ham favor that mostly because of some type of disassociative disorder probably coupled v something like bipolar depression (Gregg seems to have a bipolar disorder the some type as well, yet this is beside the point), but the gas leaks do describe auditory hallucinations, migraines, etc.

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Night in the Woods is a story-focused adventure/exploration game from Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and also Bethany Hockenberry.