Om Swami and also Priyanka Jagga happen a comment on Manu Punjabi"s fiance, Priya Saini, and things get ugly inside the Bigg ceo 10 house.

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The previous illustration of Bigg boss 10 obtained so extreme that Bigg Boss had actually to literally avoid the luxury spending plan task. Priyanka Jagga and also Om Swami gained physical through the contestants and even passed personal comments on everyone. Om Swami took points too far when he broke the washroom door and even threatened to ruin Rohan Mehra"s face. Regardless of Bigg boss announcing a million times and asking that to get in the life room area, the stubbornly guarded the bathroom door. He even touched logo inappropriately to uncover the covert letters. That was dubbed to the confession room where Bigg Boss offered him a final warning and told him that next time the tries to threaten someone in the house, the will have to pack his bags. Likewise Read - from Shehnaaz Gill come Tejassvi Prakash and more: inspect out the funniest contestants in the background of Bigg boss

Priyanka Jagga also played it disgusting after ~ she passed part nasty and personal comments around Mona Lisa. She even maligned she character and told her that she will need to go ago to living through her mother. Mona Lisa shed her cool and gave it earlier to her. Manu Punjabi additionally intervened and also requested Priyanka to no get an individual with Mona yet she refuse to listen to anything. Priyanka even damaged Nitibha Kaul"s locker to tear every the letters. While Nitibha shed all attention in playing the game, Manveer Gurjar encouraged her to get earlier in the game even if castle don"t win. Last night"s episode was the ugliest one so far. (ALSO READ: Bigg ceo 10 20th December 2016 episode 66 LIVE Updates: rohan Mehra and Om Swami obtain into an UGLY physics fight) likewise Read - Bigg boss 15: Sahil Shroff dissects the REAL, shocking reason why that was eliminated

It gets worse together in the upcoming episode, Priyanka and Swami are not backing down. Priyanka and Swami happen some an individual comments around Manu Punjabi"s fiance, Priya Saini, and also Manu lashes out at them. This to be the angriest the you"ll check out him in the show. Every the various other housemates, too, stand up for Manu and also ask them to clock what castle speak. Manu even threatens to leave the present if this keeps walking on as he is losing patience and also might simply hit someone. Swami likewise pulls Lopamudra Raut"s dress and also then blames the on her saying that she to be rubbing herself on him. Ugh disgusting! likewise Read - Bigg ceo 15 October 8 written update: Meisha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal"s romantic grabs attention, Nishant Bhat-Shamita Shetty shot to type things the end

To lighten the atmosphere in the house, Bani and Gaurav go on their much-awaited day inside the house. Gaurav compliments Bani and also tells her that the display wouldn"t have been fun for the of it weren"t for her. They raise a toast to your 2-month-old friendship. (ALSO READ: Bigg boss 10: Om Swami steals food however again, challenges housemates to take action)

Who perform you think will leave the show, Manu Punjabi or Om Swami? remain hooked v us to find out.

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