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Big brother Copypasta describes a memorable lewd heat shouted by the Haganai: ns Don\"t Have plenty of Friends personality Sena Kashiwazaki i beg your pardon starts v with the expression \"Big brother, I want you to provide me your huge juicy thick dick.\" Online, the step from the anime in which Sena shouts the line acquired popularity as a meme, both as a copypasta and also as resource material because that humorous edits.


On august 25, 2009, volume among Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai: ns Don\"t Have numerous Friends) irradiate novel was released in Japan.<1><2> In chapter eight \"To The Tainted Sadness\" the the irradiate novel, character Sena Kashiwazaki is caught playing an erotic video clip game by the members of she club. ~ Sena argues her video game is highly artistic, club member Yozora Mikazuki dares she to check out a conversation from it come prove she point. Sena is unable to complete the job due to becoming embarrassed and storms out of the room.

Sena was reading all this in tears.“Fufu… hurry up, say it. What walk Cecilia want to thrust right into which part?” Yozora said. Her cheeks were flaming red; she eyes were complete of a feeling of avarice.Lucas probably had actually that expression top top his confront as well.“~…Lu-Lucas’ co, co, co… coc, coc… into, my, mine drenched… pu… pu, pu… pus…HOW have the right to I speak THIS the end LOUD, you IDIOT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-------------!!”

On October 14th, 2011, episode two \"There\"s No God in the electrical World\" that the anime adaptation that the light novel series premiered in Japan.<3> In the episode, a slightly altered scene is shown, with Sena shouting the end the dialogue upon being triggered by Yozora (scene presented below). A September 6th, 2014, YouTube<4> upload the the scene got over 129,500 views in six years.

Big brother, I want you to provide me your large juicy thick dick and drench me with your hot sticky cum until im gasping because that air! There, ns fucking said it!

The earliest documented use of the dialogue together a copypasta is a July 25th, 2015, screenshot of a Kik conversation post by iFunny<5> user Miitchell_2012 (shown below).



Prior to might 2016, the copypasta appeared in a variety of posts on iFunny,<6><7><8> mostly in those showing reactions of Kik users being messaged the copypasta (examples presented below).


Starting around in might 2016, an initial edits based upon the video clip were posted on iFunny.<9> On might 1st, 2016, iFunny and also Vine<9> user Fletchling posted the an initial known edit, one ear rape shitpost, based upon the video. On may 7th, YouTuber<10> apandah post an ear rape variation of the video clip to YouTube, getting over 740,800 see in four years (shown below).

Warning: loud

Starting in may 2016, the style saw spread out in humorous edits ~ above iFunny, YouTube and also Instagram, v the dialogue likewise continuing come be supplied as a copypasta. Because that example, a of July 15th, 2016, YouTube<11> reupload of an edit by an unknown iFunny<12> user received over 45,300 views in 4 years (shown below, left). A September 13th, 2016, Torture Dance modify by iFunny<13> user ItsBananaGram obtained over 60 smiles (shown below, right).

On march 10th, 2017, YouTube user Ciaran post a \"Watch your Profanity\" meme based on the video, gaining over 1.2 million views.

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In the following years, the scene maintained a remarkable presense in to edit on iFunny, YouTube and Instagram.