Bi-Mart COVID-19 Hours to update 4/1: Stores are open Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm, and also Saturday & Sunday, 9am-6pm. The pharmacy hours space Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm, and Saturday, 9am-6pm (closed Sunday).

Bi-Mart COVID-19

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Why the Northwest Shops Bi‑Mart?

We’ve to be a part of the Northwest for over 60 years. That’s a lengthy time, but then, saving money never ever really it s okay old, walk it?

Our members shop in ~ Bi-Mart because our stores are convenient, easy to shop and also offer genuine values every day on surname brand products. Members will tell girlfriend – their Bi-Mart store is one place they have the right to count ~ above to save money week-in and also week-out. Whether it’s the everyday shopping list, a home development project, automotive maintenance or outfitting for the great outdoors, you’ll discover it and an ext at your neighborhood Bi-Mart.

We’re component of the neighborhood, and also we’ve offered generations that Northwest families with honest values that your family can counting on. We additionally have a long background of giving back to the areas we offer by sustaining charitable organizations and also worthy causes. Our score has always been come create more value for our members in our stores and in their communities. A Bi-Mart membership way more as such commitment.

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(541) 479-8337Monday – Friday 9 am – 7 pmSaturday 9 to be – 6 pmSunday Closed