I desire to shot making the great ol Wrazzle/Dazzle as a future job after enduring the Fear(+) of encountering them in combat.

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I've preferred Nanna as my very first candidate because:

She can reach 145 BST v her superboons in the occasion I want to use her in arena. (Or ruin people's job in Arena Defense).

Her accessibility at 5☆ means that any type of pitybreaks indigenous her just saves me 20k feathers.

Her art is just great.

I only have Elise and also a -Atk Genny and now Ethlyn as 5☆ healers. Shortly as ns max out HM top top Genny she goes directly to Nanna together Wrathful fodder because that Pain+ build.

Any referrals on other good healers?

The remainder of my healers are just 4☆ merges due to the fact that honestly, what else space they even good for?

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Healers are an extremely hard come rank because most of them execute the exact same job, however Priscila is a great choice as cavalry, no as offensive as Nanna but really god stats either way, infantry healers are difficult to choose but if is gimmick climate is Azama v Pain+ and twin savage blow through CC

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The thing about healers is the they every can carry out the same thing, however all should execute something different.

Pain+++ Azama can’t death anything, but will do it wish it to be dead.

Fortress martyr Azama can not be killed, and also always aggros enemies because of his pitiful attack. That can further increase bulk with Slow+ and also threaten attack. (And solid earth balm)

Wrys is Azama but for resistance.

Genny (and most steed mages) deserve to run debilitating gravity/pain setups, or miracle abuse.

Etc. Etc. In the end, they have the right to all do whatever job you require of a healer so just pick that you like and also you’ll normally make castle work

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Wrys (Master Ploycaster, Tome Duelist)

Lissa (All-Purpose)

Azama (Anti-Physical Wall)

Maria (SPD Tank)

Sakura, Serra, Lucius, and also Lachesis all require expensive investments favor Dazzle + Wrathful.

So if you're considering Razzle Dazzle Nanna, I'd forego any of those ones, in favor of utility units like Wrys, Azama, Maria and also Lissa.

Among the cavalry, your options are:




Priscilla has the ideal RES, making she a decent Ploycaster. She HP is likewise respectable, and also her ATK is fair.

She is the slowest Troubadour, so uneven you dual down on her star high quality to Ploy, she's no going come shine.

Nanna is fastest, and is well-rounded in regards to durability. Unlike most troubadours, -RES doesn't hurt her also much offered her glass cannon statline.

Clarine... Doesn't excel at much. She really doesn't have actually a clearly intended role.

If you usage +HP, -ATK, she'll excel v a Dazzle refine, and also do very little beyond harass the enemy with status staves or usage Martyr+ effectively.

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If she's +ATK, -DEF... She's not that good honestly. +2/-1 compared to Nanna's attack stats, however her protective stats are likewise detrimentally lopsided...