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Bee Shrek test in the House is a parody fandom native an hypothetical crossover the Shrek, Barry bee Benson from the CGI film bee Movie, Johnny Test and also Cory Baxter indigenous the display Cory in the House. It is designed come parody already-existing and larger Tumblr-associated fandoms such together Superwholock.


Bee Shrek check in the house was produced as a counter to the increase of the Brave Tangled dragons fandom, a crossover that Brave, Tangled, just how To Train her Dragon, and also Rise that the Guardians, i beg your pardon gained vast amounts of popularity on tumblr in late 2012. A percursor of the fandom deserve to be uncovered on December 29th, 2012, as soon as youtuber Byakuya Togami uploaded a video titled "GREEN and also YELLOW – a love story, shrek x barry", featuring a fanfiction pairing Shrek and also Barry. On in march 31st 2013, an Tumblr blog referred to as "Bee Shrek check in the House" to be created,<5> reblogging a short article from user vanvonsch featuring a climb of the Brave Tangled dragon styled image with Shrek, Cory, Barry and also Johnny.<6> The write-up got over 26,000 notes on two years.



The original write-up inspired the development of a wiki on June 8th, 2013,<3> and also a TV Tropes page on July 1st, 2013.<4> ~ above October 1th, 2013 youtuber Phantom"s Dump because that Stupid Crap uploaded a video clip titled "Bee Shrek check in the house Season 69 Opening", special an edited variation of One Piece"s very first opening with humorous subtitles.

Bee Shrek test in the House additionally inspired a collection of images that incorporate various characters from different collection as a crossover.




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