Bed bathtub & past Inc. Released a list of the first 63 stores it will shutter after two months earlier announcing 200 plan closures.

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The list consists of a Missouri save in Kansas City.

California and new York space slated to lose the most stores, in ~ six places each.

Read more from USA Today.


Open for Business: CoxHealth Republic

CoxHealth Republic, the latest “super clinic” in the health care system, opened to patients; Jamaican eatery The Jerk spot debuted in Branson; a 4-year-old company that gives doula treatment to households moved right into its very first office space.


8 dead in ~ Travis Scott concert in Texas

Owners invest $5M in beach volleyball facility

AMC debuts sleeve revenue stream

Springfield"s 11th brewery opens

$5M in infrastructure renovations planned along Pea Ridge Creek

House overcome $1T framework bill

Discovery facility a semifinalist because that $1M prize



Should Springfield Public colleges pull money from other locations to assist pay for the bus driver shortage?



Why did You sign up with CJW?

Marc Thornsberry, a senior Engineer in ~ CJW, says he join the company after functioning in the public sphere. He says CJW had a ton of suffer working with the community, and putting their customer"s and clients.

The prestige of Tracking your Cash Flow

Sandra Smart, a an innovation and commercialization specialist, shares advantageous advice and also cautionary tips about the prominence of tracking cash circulation for brand-new or created businesses. Smart works with tech entrepreneurs and also hosts cultivate workshops v the Missouri SBDC in ~ Missouri State University"s efactory.

Supporting far Teams

Michael Smith and also Chris Sawyer, COO and CEO of next Level services respectively, comment on how they save their remote teams and offices in and out of nation on the exact same page. Following Level solutions was ranked #1 in the Springfield company Journal"s 2021 Dynamic Dozen.

Your performance Is What Matters

John Oke-Thomas, architect and co-founder of decimal in business, responds to the accusation that minority businesses are just successful because of the priority they have actually received in lending. He claims that if a service uses a loan well, it shows their worth.

Find your Startup Funding

Sandra Smart, a an innovation and commercialization specialist, share tips for entrepreneurs that are prepared to look for funding. Some of her tips use broadly; part target technology industry businesses. Smart works with tech entrepreneurs and startups, and hosts training workshops v the Missouri SBDC at Missouri State University"s efactory.

Misconceptions About small Towns

Hollie Elliott discusses usual misconceptions around locating your organization in a small town. She claims that there room a the majority of benefits that civilization may not consider.

The should Innovate

Drawing on his very own experience dynamically evolving his firm and organization model, Jim Meinsen discusses when and also how you might need to attract on new technology. Jim and also Debbie Meinsen space co-owners the TCI graphic in Springfield.

What matters in Architecture

John Oke-Thomas, longtime Springfield architect, discusses his approach on architecture. He says that future chroniclers will be concentrated on the sustainability the our modern architecture.

Service and Humility

Erin Hedlun, director of marketing and also communications at Evangel University, claims compassion is an important job skill. Hedlun claims it is a ingredient of what makes a leader.

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Concepting your Business

Rachel Barks, owner that Artistree Pottery, talks around the concepting that went behind the aesthetic that the business.

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