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Friend in Need

Friend in Need

Alfred speak you he has actually not heard native Lucius Fox in some time. Go back to Wayne Tower in Miagani Island to check on him. Because the structure is on lockdown, You"ll have to drive under to the secret parking garage and take the elevator approximately your office.

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As Bruce Wayne, exit the elevator and also comfort your secretary, then get in the twin door into the key offices. You can check your messages on your answering maker if friend like. There room several exciting messages from such acquaintances as Vicki Vale and also Lex Luthor. When you"re ready, usage the retinal scanner ~ above the computer system at her desk. Access is denied. Lucius Fox walks into the office and offers to assist you log right into the computer.

Press to smash his face and also use his eyeball come log right into the computer. Weird, huh? climate take a shot at your secretary once she pokes she head in the door to investigate the ruckus.

It turns out this was simply security footage that Batman is city hall on his eight computer. The intruder is cutting board Elliot - Hush - who has actually surgically changed his face to look prefer Bruce Wayne.

Enter your office to confront Hush, who holds Lucius Fox at gunpoint. Hush has actually a twisted personal vendetta versus the Waynes. He needs you carry him Bruce Wayne. It is easy sufficient to comply.

Be all set to counter his attacks. Pressing the switch too shortly will an outcome in Lucius getting a lead headache pill. Once he turns the pistol on you, that"s once you have to press to avoid him.

The ensuing conversation with Lucius will certainly play out lot differently relying on whether you execute this mission before or after ~ the occasions of the main game.

3 Waynetech points are provided for this short, basic one turn off mission.

Lamb come the Slaughter

Lamb to the Slaughter

Jack Ryder has gotten himself right into trouble once again. He"s regulated to be recorded by a cult and also is to be offered as a human sacrifice. He"s being organized on the island in ~ the Lady that Gotham - the Statue the Liberty-esque statue between the three main islands.

He"s strapped come a table v the raving lunatic, Deacon Blackfire, brandishing a ceremonial dagger, prepare to usage him as a person sacrifice.

There are 25 cult pendant kneeling in the area in front of the two who will of course strike you when you enter the area. There room 2 weapon crate in the area, therefore make sure to usage the Disruptor come booby catch them so girlfriend don"t have actually to deal with any guns throughout the fight. If girlfriend sneak increase silently you can listen to Deacon Blackfire"s sermon. As soon as you"ve heard sufficient preaching and also feel that your soul is saved, climb the fence and also confront the cultists. Apparently these men look under on civilization coming late because that the sermon, due to the fact that they all strike you once you enter the area.

You cannot begin this struggle off with a multi-takedown. There room a many enemies, but having disabled the weapon chests, this fight must be relatively easy. Several of the cultists do have knives, therefore you require to have the ability to handle this weapons with a blade evade takedown, or usage a redirect to prevent their attacks any type of time you check out the yellow respond to symbol. Over there is a time limit on this fight. You have actually only 3 minute to take down all these cultists or the deacon will kill Jack Ryder. The is not a an overwhelming time limit. The fences bordering the area end up being electrified during this fight. Knocking an enemy into this fences will certainly instantly KO him. In bespeak to get rid of a the majority of foes quickly, shot to use throw counters once the enemies strike you. This will knock the enemy back and he will certainly knock numerous other opponents to the ground, and it likewise counts as double the hits towards the combo meter. When the combo meter is full, press + to perform a multi-ground takedown, KO"ing every adversary on the ground. A an excellent throw counter followed through a multi-ground takedown can easily eliminate 8-10 enemies. I regulated to remove all 25 cultists in only 54 secs using this technique.

After the fight, girlfriend still have to save Ryder prior to the timer expires. Regardless of just how much time you finished the struggle with, you have actually 40 secs to with Deacon Blackfire and also save Jack Ryde. To reach Deacon Blackfire, you need to power down the four generators directly listed below him to avoid the electric present running with the fence approximately him. Usage the REC device to power down each generator through , then approach the fence and also use the grapple ( again) to get in the grates in ~ the bottom the the cage and save Jack Ryder.

Since the Batmobile can"t reach the island, Batman will usage the Batwing to return Deacon Blackfire and Jack Ryder to the GCPD. Girlfriend don"t need to do anything come return him.

You get another 3 Waynetech points for this one turn off mission.

A. R. Challenges

A. R. Challenges

A. R. Difficulties are usually a series of training and challenge missions designed to let friend practice and hone her skills. Additionally, every A.R. An obstacle you complete with a 3 star rating will give you 1 Waynetech upgrade Point, so completing challenges when castle become accessible will aid you update your an abilities and equipment much earlier.

You can look at your A.R. Progression by bringing up a progress wheel, comparable to the mission wheel, by pushing

. The in video game A.R. Obstacles generally have to be unlocked prior to they have the right to be accessed. You"ll must progress to a specific point in the story, and also then an unlock problem will it is in shown. Completing that unlock condition will make the associated difficulty available.

Once unlocked, A.R. Obstacles can it is in accessed by selecting a difficulty with and then complying with the bat signal to the an obstacle location, or, merely by exiting the game and accessing the obstacles from the main menu, saving you the travel time. In game A.R. Challenges likewise show increase on the map and can be uncovered by marking them ~ above the map, rather of native the difficulty wheel.

Note the if you play one A.R. Difficulty from in ~ the game, the an obstacle settings that your video game will affect the challenge. Difficulties in Hard an obstacle and brand-new Game + will have added challenges, such as not reflecting a respond to notification, and may have various rules because that things like scoring, perhaps enabling bonuses because that the more tough difficulty, which can make it possible to attain higher leaderboard scores than would certainly be obtainable on common difficulty. Accessing one A.R. Difficulty from the main menu will permit you to select between normal and high difficulty on Combat challenges and Batmobile Combat challenges, by pushing

come toggle between difficulties.

Many the the A. R. Difficulties that have been released as DLC, sometimes totally free of charge, deserve to only be accessed indigenous the key menu, and the A.R. Difficulty menu provides you with many choices that space not obtainable from in ~ the game, such together attempting the challenge with a various character or vehicle.

Playing DLC A. R. Difficulties will quiet reward you with a Waynetech Upgrade point for achieving a 3 star ranking, however only with the initial character the the difficulty was draft for. Beating a difficulty with an alternating character will certainly not provide you additional Waynetech Points.

A.R. Difficulties Interactive Video

A.R. Challenges Interactive Video

The A.R. Obstacles are a collection of maintain missions. They room designed to offer you an possibility to hone your skills and boost your ability. Together such, offering you methods to obtain through lock isn"t constantly possible. Often the strategy is, practice until you"re an excellent enough to execute it. I will certainly tell you exactly how to unlock each challenge, and also give girlfriend advice whereby I feeling I have something beneficial to say, yet for instance, to gain three stars on Combo Master, you have actually to get a 50 struggle combo. If girlfriend can"t carry out it, you simply need to practice until you can. Naught I deserve to say is going to gain you through that, other than to call you to practice. I will certainly also try to administer videos the every challenge, for this reason you can watch exactly how I did the if you"re feeling prefer you"re normally not knowledge something.

If you"re struggling with a challenge, inspect the ar for the A.R. An obstacle to view if ns have any kind of tips. Then watch the video. If you"re still having actually problems, you simply need come practice.

A. R. Challenges are a collection of virtual reality training objectives that Batman have the right to do to help you filter your skills and earn Waynetech update points. As you progression through the game, more A.R. Challenges will end up being available, however, after each difficulty is made accessible there is some necessity for you to perform in game prior to the difficulty is unlocked, with the exception of the training objectives which unlock immediately at a particular point in the game.

For every A.R. Challenge, there is a ranking. Performing well in the difficulty will prize you with 1 to 3 stars. If you accomplish a 3 star ranking, you gain a Waynetech point. If you carry out significantly much better than the requirements for a 3 star ranking, you will certainly be awarded through rival points. Approximately 20 rival points can be awarded because that each an obstacle that has actually the option to earn them. Competitor points don"t carry out anything. They"re just used because that bragging rights. You can go tell her friends how many rival points you have so the they will certainly think you"re at sight cool. I guess.

A. R. Difficulties can it is in accessed from in ~ the game. In this instance you"d have actually to find the A.R. An obstacle you want and also make your means to it on the map to execute the challenge.

Alternately, girlfriend can exit the game and return to the key menu and select the AR obstacles option, whereby you can accessibility any A.R. Challenge you"ve unlocked in the game from one simple location. My video clip will it is in based around accessing the A.R. Difficulties from the menu.


There room rumors floating around that friend can"t earn trophies from in ~ the A.R. Difficulties if you access them from the menu. This is finish bunk. I have personally earned several trophies while functioning on A.R. Obstacles from the menu, consisting of the Brutality 101 and Gotham ~ Midnight trophies, and I"ve watched someone knife the platinum trophy from inside the A.R. Challenges.

There space 6 various categories that A. R. Challenges, 7 if you counting the Scarecrow"s Nightmare DLC missions, exclusive come the PS4.

Training Missions

Training Missions

Training missions end up being available fairly early in the game, and also do no require any kind of in game activity to unlock them. The Weapon energy Diagnostics mission is actually required as part of the story. The rest of the missions become available after you acquire the Batsuit V8.03 in ~ the Falcone Shipping Yards. Girlfriend don"t need to earn 3 stars ~ above these objectives to acquire a Waynetech point. As result of the ease of completing this missions, the is highly recommended that you complete them all once they become available, just to earn the rapid upgrade points.

Throw Counter

Perform 5 effective Throw Counters. To carry out a litter counter, host toward an adversary while you counter his attack. The in game instructions call you the you require to counter at the last possible moment just before being hit to execute a throw counter. Don"t hear to this advice, you"ll just finish up breaking your combo through delaying your strike until the combo meter time out. Just respond to like you typically would yet press towards the enemy and you"ll gain the throw counters 80-90% the the time, and the remainder of the time you"ll perform a constant counter, which quiet won"t break her combo.

Fear Multi-Takedown

Learn the approaches for acquiring close to enemies to do are afraid takedowns. There room 4 configurations to complete. This is the hardest the the cultivate missions, but I really can"t give you much advice the isn"t provided in game. The is a cultivate mission after all. Attempting friend train you because that training objectives is a little bit redundant. Once you"re doing fear takedowns, don"t start with the man in the middle, or you"ll finish up with men on either next of you, making it harder to reach them both. Also, try to wait until the enemies are grouped together and also be mindful of obstacles that can block your path. Pick the opponents in one order the will enable you to have an unobstructed path to the following enemy.

Predator Fundamentals

Simply practice taking enemies out in predator mode.

Grapnel boost Mk II

Learn to usage the brand-new Grapnel an increase that help you glide farther, and practice straightforward gliding techniques. After ~ gliding v the ring you need to avoid emotional the ground by making use of a combination of grapnel boosts and also gliding because that 60 seconds to earn your Waynetech point.

Summon, Eject & Glide

Just follow the onscreen prompts. Nothing an ext needs to be said.

Weapon power Diagnostics

This to be covered throughout the key story walkthrough, as completing this challenge is a main story objective.

Combat Challenges

Combat Challenges

These hand come hand combat difficulties are the easiest difficulties for me.

Combo Master

Available: After carrying Poison Ivy come the GCPD.Unlock: Run and dive straight off a rooftop. Just find a roof there is no a railing, hold and also press as you run off the leaf of the structure to unlock this challenge.

As Batman, you simply develop your combo together high as you have the right to without getting hit or breaking her combo. You need to get x50 combo meter because that 3 stars. Tougher opponents don"t show up until around the time friend hit your 50 combo, so obtaining 50 is easy. Gaining much more gets significantly harder.

Tower Defense

Available: ~ interrogating the Arkham Knight"s henchman and also finding out about Penguin"s involvement.Unlock: choose up a downed enemy and also perform a vital beatdown. Press + on an opponent who has been knocked under to pick him back up then press , , ... To execute a beatdown.

This is the closest thing to the old combat obstacles from ahead Arkham games. Together Batman, fight a collection of thugs on a rooftop. Earn 16,000 points because that 3 stars. The crucial to obtaining high scores is to construct up a large combo. If you can get through the whole fight in one consistent combo you"re guaranteed 3 stars - and also some rival points, if friend care.

Azrael"s Atonement

Available: after perfect the Heir come the Cowl side mission.Unlock: finish Heir to the Cowl side mission.

You play Azrael in this challenge, that plays exactly like Batman. Together in the Azrael side missions in the game, the difficulty will end if girlfriend take any damage. Over there is a covert time limit, so ultimately the an obstacle will finish even if friend don"t take damage. If you have the right to last out the moment limit girlfriend should have no problem earning the 30,000 point out you need for 3 stars.

Gotham Knights

Available: After ruining the missile launcher ~ above Founder"s Island.Unlock: use 3 quickfire tools in a solitary fight.

Quickfire devices include the

Batarang Explosive gel + Batclaw + REC device + frozen Grenades ,

If you"re no using gadgets regularly in combat you must be. Every are very useful, other than for the explosive gel.

A sign team an obstacle with Batman and Nightwing, girlfriend only require 20,000 points because that 3 stars. This should be a cakewalk.

Predator Challenges

Predator Challenges

Most the these challenges are just like the predator challenges from previously Arkham games. Finish a predator mission as conveniently as possible. Complete 3 optional objectives for 1 star each. Performance is based very first on stars, then on time. Time is only for bragging objectives on the leaderboards. Friend don"t even get rival points for doing these quickly.

The exception is Smash and Grab, i m sorry is all around speed, v no optional objectives.

Smash and Grab

Available: ~ completing stopping the Chinatown financial institution RobberyUnlock: finish the Two-Faced Bandit side mission

You need to defeat 10 equipped opponents in less that 1:15 for 3 stars. Adversaries can"t listen anything because that the blaring bank alarm, so doing loud takedowns won"t draw attention. My video clip shows a an extremely reliable strategy for doing this. You need to have actually your fear takedown upgraded to at the very least x4 to do this. X5 is preferable. Make your method quickly across the building in the center of the room and also do a takedown on the man in the critical room through the glass top top the ceiling. This does 3 things. It gives you 1 takedown, it division the glass because that later, and it provides sure there will just be 1 opponent in the room as soon as you return in a couple of seconds. Grapple up to the ceiling ~ above the right and also look at the financial institution vault. Wait till there space 4 enemies, then perform a are afraid takedown ~ above them indigenous the ceiling together the 4th guy runs past. Grapple earlier up top top the roof, and there is now one more guy in this room. If you drop down and start law a quiet takedown, however, another goon or 2 will enter and also interrupt you, maintaining you native recharging your are afraid takedown. Instead, equip the smoke bombs, and also toss one over the much wall. This will protect against the opponents in place and also keep castle from see what"s happening inside the room. If you throw the exhilaration grenade within the room, you"ll perform a loud takedown instead of a silent takedown, i beg your pardon won"t recharge your fear takedowns. ~ your quiet takedown on this lone goon, hop right into the floor grate and follow it come the area wherein you threw the smoke bomb. This area need to be filled with goons by now who have actually gathered together since of the smoke. Carry out a fear multi-takedown up through the floor grate. There can be more enemies than you deserve to handle, however you"ve currently taken the end 6 by this time. Once you take the end 10, the level ends and you win. As lengthy as girlfriend take out 4 through the multi-takedown, you"re good.

Revive and also Shine

Avalaible: after receiving the Batsuit V8.03Unlock: Take under 3 adversaries with a are afraid multi-takedown. It"s virtually required come unlock this.

You have to make noise to lure the adversaries together come do fear takedowns. The problem is the this will likewise lure the medic, who you must take the end last. Fight the medic through a freeze grenade to store him from comes to investigate the noise you"re making.

Terminal Velocity

Available: after ~ receiving the 2nd upgrade for the Batmobile.Unlock: Knock out a brute v an environmental takedown. Hopefully you"re always looking for means to take out brutes with environmental takedowns, yet be mindful that over there are only so countless brutes in the game. If girlfriend don"t unlock this through the end of the game, girlfriend can fulfill the necessity inside the a combat A.R. Challenge, however it needs to be a an obstacle you start from in ~ the main game. Fulfilling the necessity in a difficulty started from the key menu won"t count.

Under the Pale Moonlight

Available: After destroying the cloudburst.Unlock: use the voice synthesizer to attract an opponent into a takedown. Ns don"t usage the voice synthesizer often, however it"s an extremely effective means to take out one or two enemies per predator encounter. Again, there are only so countless predator to meet in the game, so if girlfriend don"t perform this throughout the story or next missions, you"ll must do this throughout one the the predator challenges.

Batmobile gyeongju Challenges

Batmobile race Challenges

These involve gyeongju the Batmobile through some form of monitor as quickly as possible. Numerous of this are simply rehashes of the riddler gyeongju challenges.

Midnight rage TT

Available: after ~ receiving the Batsuit V8.03Unlock: Eject native the Batmobile and glide 300 m. Simply drive as rapid as friend can, climate eject , and also glide around without emotional anything until this challenge unlocks.

City heat TT

Available: After ruining the cloudburst.Unlock: usage 3 different devices in a solitary glide attack. You need to spend at least 6 Waynetech clues to be able to do this. You must have the gadgets while gliding batarang, and also two various other gadgets. Ns recommend the frozen grenades and REC device, as they are the most helpful for disabling difficult foes when you"re gliding in because that an attack.

To do this, if on a ledge, push to glide strike an enemy. You don"t require to hold down . Just a single press will lock onto an adversary until you kick him. You can"t throw gadgets at the foe you"re going come kick, or there would certainly be nobody there for you to kick once you acquire to the bottom. Instead, you should use to choose a various target, then use the appropriate quickfire mix to use the tool you"d prefer to deploy. Remember, you must use 3 different gadgets. You could never actually usage these glide devices again outside of unlocking this challenge, so recognize that you"re wasting 6 Waynetech points to unlock a solitary race the will get you at many 1 Waynetech suggest in return. It"s a funny race, though.


Available: as soon as Riddler presents his obstacles to you and reveals that he"s stop Catwoman hostage.Unlock: complete the Crushonator monitor in the Riddler"s Revenge next mission.


Available: After getting to Founder"s Island with the Batmobile.Unlock: complete the Condamned track in the Riddler"s Revenge side mission.

Mental Blocked

Available: After perfect Riddler"s 1st option challenge, mental Blocked.Unlock: complete the mental Blocked track in the Riddler"s Revenge side mission.

Batmobile Combat Challenges

Batmobile Combat Challenges

These obstacles are centered approximately drone battles. Some of them are reasonably easy, several of them are amongst the hardest difficulties in the game.


Available: ~ interrogating the Arkham knight henchmen and finding out about Penguin"s involvement.Unlock: execute 3 an essential shots in 1 tank battle. To do a an essential shot, you have to line her sites up perfectly on the glow rectangles on a tank, and also shoot it through the an equipment gun fairly than the 60mm cannon. If you acquire the an important hit, the drone will be instantly destroyed. Keep in mind that over there are just so many drones in the game. If you run out of drones, you deserve to unlock this from within an A.R. Drone Combat an obstacle such together One guy Army, yet only if you started the challenge from within the main game - no from the key menu.

This is among the toughest obstacles there is. You need to survive 6 minutes without taking a solitary hit. You are stuck in a small circle in downtown Miagani and cannot leaving the circle. Drones room constantly spawning all around you. Tougher and also tougher drones spawn as time passes. Every drone you damage gives you a 10 2nd bonus. Therefore, your goal have to be to ruin 36 drones prior to taking a hit. Girlfriend don"t actually need to damage this many, yet if you damage 36 you space guaranteed 3 stars. I think ns actually obtained 27 when I finally completed this.

One man Army

Available: After delivering Poison Ivy come the GCPD.Unlock: Jump over 50m in the Batmobile. Just discover a ramp and hit it as quick as girlfriend can.

This is a fairly easy difficulty against a bunch the rattlers.

Natural Selection

Available: after encountering Scarecrow on Stagg Airships.Unlock: complete Bomb #7 top top Miagani Island in the campaign for Disarmament side Mission.

24 Drones. Rattlers, Mambas, and also Diamondbacks.

Slumdog Billionaire

Available: After acquiring the Batmobile come Founders" IslandUnlock: finish Bomb #6 on Founders" Island in the project for Disarmament side Mission.

This is among the toughest challenges. The strategy because that beating the is the exact same as for any type of other drone combat mission. Friend just have actually to get really an excellent to score the 24,000 necessary for 3 stars.

Batmobile Hybrid Challenges

Batmobile Hybrid Challenges

These obstacles combine driving v combat. Some of these are rather fun. Others, not so much.

Seek and Destroy

Available: After destroying the missile launcher ~ above Founder"s Island.Unlock: Take under 3 vehicles without the Batmobile. The easiest method to do this is just to walk approximately the streets waiting because that rioters to shot to operation you down, then respond to with to disable your car.

Knight Time Strike

Available: After capturing Harley Quinn in Panessa Studios.Unlock: do 2 consecutive perfect shots. A perfect shoot is a crucial shot through the maker gun which hit and also destroys the target on the first bullet. Aim very closely at the sensor range of a tank, then tap to fire the an equipment gun.

I really gain these hybrid races, wherein you need to race v the city, avoiding for little drone battles along the way.

Road Rage

Available: After transferring Poison Ivy come the GCPD.Unlock: Drift consistently for 3 seconds. If you"re having trouble through this, there"s a trick obtain this easy. Just discover an area through a tiny bit the room (the parking many behind Panessa Studios is perfect), obtain up part speed, then push and also all the way left or ideal on to do donuts. This have to count as drifting time. If you"re not certain if it"s counting, push to use up your boosters. While you"re drifting, her boosters will certainly recharge an extremely quickly, for this reason if her booster strength comes back super quick, you recognize it"s working.

Tip: Dirty TricksThis dirty trick can additionally be provided to obtain the accordingly named Dirty top trophy. This trophy calls for you to invest a complete of 3 minutes drifting. Fairly than racking increase drifting time acquisition sharp corners, you deserve to just drift roughly in circles doing donuts for 3 minutes to unlock this trophy easily. Make sure you inspect to watch if your boosters space coming ago quickly. If lock aren"t, avoid the donut and shot it again. Friend don"t want to waste 3 minute driving in circles like a maniac for nothing.

Big video game Hunter

Available: After capturing Harley Quinn in Panessa - despite you won"t be able to unlock that until lot later.Unlock: Fire the Batmobile weapons at Level 4. You have actually to obtain your final batmobile story upgrade before you deserve to do this, obviously.

This is one of the worst mission design in video game history. If there"s one an obstacle you should think about skipping, it"s unquestionably this one.

David and Goliath

Available: ~ receiving the second upgrade for the Batmobile.Unlock: Execute 3 litter counters in a solitary combo. If you"re not making use of throw counters regularly, you need to be. They"re really powerful. Just press in the direction of an foe as you respond to to carry out a respond to throw.

Drone Zone

Available: after receiving the 2nd upgrade because that the Batmobile.Unlock: call the Batmobile if gliding high in the air. You have to be over a roadway to contact the Batmobile. Simply press if gliding high end a street come unlock this challenge.

Scarecrow"s Nightmare

Scarecrow"s Nightmare

The bonus DLC objectives exclusive to the playstations 4, in these goals you gyeongju through one of the islands as conveniently as you can, then face off in a battle versus a large Scarecrow and also a bunch of drones.

Scarecrow"s Nightmare 1

Available: at the start of the game.Automatically accessible at the beginning of the game. Does not call for you to carry out anything to unlock it.

Scarecrow"s Nightmare 2

Available: once the Batmobile deserve to reach Miagani IslandUnlock: finish Scarecrow"s Nightmare 1. Note that friend don"t have to acquire 3 stars ~ above Scarecrow"s Nightmare 1 to unlock this. Girlfriend just have to finish. You have actually to finish the mission from inside the game to unlock it, however. Completing Scarecrow"s Nightmare 1 native the main menu will certainly not unlock Scarecrow"s Nightmare 2. You likewise must complete Scarecrow"s Nightmare 1 after reaching Miagani with the Batmobile come unlock this. Perfect the first challenge and then getting to Miagani will certainly not unlock the second challenge. If you already did Scarecrow"s Nightmare 1, you"ll have to do it again.

Scarecrow"s Nightmare 3

Available: once the Batmobile have the right to reach Founders" IslandUnlock: finish Scarecrow"s Nightmare 2. Note that you don"t have to acquire 3 stars top top Scarecrow"s Nightmare 2 to unlock this. You have actually to finish the mission from within the game to unlock it, however. Completing Scarecrow"s Nightmare 2 indigenous the key menu will certainly not unlock Scarecrow"s Nightmare 3. You likewise must complete Scarecrow"s Nightmare 2 after reaching Founders" v the Batmobile come unlock this. Completing the second challenge and then reaching Founders" will certainly not unlock the third challenge. If you already did Scarecrow"s Nightmare 2, you"ll have to do the again.

Season that Infamy DLC

Season the Infamy DLC

Season the Infamy is a DLC pack that to be released in December 2015 the adds four extr side missions to the key campaign.

It"s exciting to keep in mind that there is no Joker commentary for any type of of these missions, regardless of them developing in the middle of the main story.



The short mission starts simply after Batman expose Barbara Gordon"s previous to she father. Aaron Cash call Batman come let him understand that Jervis Tetch has turned himself in come the Gotham Police.

You"ll knife 1 Waynetech Upgrade allude for each of the three officers, and an additional 3 points native subduing the foolish Hatter. 6 point out total.

Head to the GCPD. Aaron Cash will offer you the lowdown on Tetch if you talk to him. Three police squad cars went missing at the same time Tetch turned self in. With the enhancement of this DLC, there is a brand-new West Wing added to the GCPD at the back of the Maximum security Ward. Tetch is wait in the West soup Interrogation Room.

Tetch will tell friend to hear for the "siren"s song" near the last well-known locations the the missing officers. If you talk to him, Jervis will offer you extr clues as to the locations.

Clues"Struggling, Batman? need a hand? A home of light that"s no on land.""What"s wrong, Batman? friend look askance. The bridge of merchants, go have a glance.""Stuck already? This cannot be! Steer because that the lady"s island, out to sea."

"You"ve had actually your hint, now run along, and listen for the siren"s song."

The areas are significant on her map. The very first location is in ~ the lighthouse near Ace chemistry in Northwest Bleake Island. The second location is discovered just off of Merchant"s bridge in the Northeast edge of Bleake Island, close to where the an initial of Pyg"s victims was found. The 3rd location is the tiny island v the statue the liberty knockoff in the middle of the map.

The "siren"s song" is the siren the the police formation cars. As soon as you reach the location, you"ll have the ability to hear the siren if you hear carefully. You"ll have to follow the sound to discover the car. Once there, Batman will need to defuse a bomb by playing a simple minigame on among Batman"s gadgets. It looks prefer the remote hacking device, yet if you"re act this quest once it first becomes available, you don"t have that tool yet, so...

Exclamation points will present up ~ above the screen. You"ll require to relocate the eco-friendly lines to cover the exclamation point out as easily as possible. controls the line on the left, when

controls the line on the right. Because that the most component you"ll only need to press up and also down to acquire the lines to go whereby you want, though they can obtain a little bit stubborn in ~ times.

You"ll knife 1 Waynetech allude for every bomb you defuse.

One that the officers you attempt to rescue will certainly not be there. Cash will tell you that the absent officer turn up earlier at the police station with no storage of what happened.

Return to the police station and confront Tetch, and Batman will find himself pulled into a bizarre storybook variation of Arkham Asylum. Fight off a couple of waves of cell shaded inmates. They"re just normal goons and also should posture no genuine threat.

After the fight, walk as much as the cop dressed as the White rabbit in the corner and interact through him , then be prepared to grapple to safety and security to store from being crushed together The Hatter transforms the page.

This time you"ll find a popup storybook variation of Joker"s Funhouse. The first wave of enemies is just normal foes when again, however this time the second group has actually a couple of sticks and a shield.

After the fight, connect with the "White Rabbit" once again, and also then grapple come the next page.

The next page is Gotham City, and the an initial wave that goons come at girlfriend with more sticks and a shield. ~ you take it them out, a 2nd group of adversaries brings an ext sticks and also a 2nd shield. If girlfriend don"t have actually the disarm and also destroy move to help address shields, you deserve to make them much simpler to resolve by steal a stick native an adversary ( to stun, then + come steal his weapon). With a rod you"ll be able to attack shield wielding enemies without breaking her combo. Yet there"s another twist to this fight. "The White Rabbit" will assault you with a knife. You"ll must treat him favor a riddler informant, taking out all the other enemies while preventing hurting him. Simply hold earlier and also to dodge his knife strikes without retaliating. After eliminating the rest of the enemies, you have the right to press to interrogate that to remove his mask and bring the (and you) to his senses.

Walk as much as the mad Hatter and press come interrogate him as well, and Batman will lock that up. You"ll earn 3 Waynetech clues for defeating The foolish Hatter.

Outside in the proof locker you"ll now have a display screen with the hatter"s masks and also storybook, and also there"s a tape of Cash interrogating Tetch you deserve to listen to in the Interview Room.

Shadow War

Shadow War

This DLC mission becomes easily accessible while Lucius Fox is examining the datachip indigenous Barbara, searching for her location. GCPD has reported spotting "crazy-ass ninjas" ~ above the roofs that Miagani island. The very first location is significant on her map at roughly (3166, 3019).

There are five tasks that will earn 1 Waynetech point each in this mission, with another 3 points awarded in ~ the end, for a full of 8 Waynetech points.

You"ll find two dead organization of Assassins members in the tower of the church at this location. Press to enter forensics mode to recognize what happened. Scan the two dead bodies because that evidence, then look about for more clues. There"s a 3rd bloody sword discarded close to one of the walls. A 3rd assassin to be badly injured in the fight. Utilizing detective mode, pick up the blood trail. You knife your first Waynetech point from this mission.

Follow the trail of blood throughout the city using your detective vision. You"ll conference a group of thugs who gained in the method of the assassin and also things didn"t walk so well because that them. It"s as much as you if you want to go about them, or go through them and also make their day also worse. As soon as you reach (2849, 2336) the trail seems to go cold. Look throughout the street come the west. There"s a small blood stain on the Sneak Peaks Cafe authorize along the next of the building. The trail leader to Elliot Memorial Hospital (2941, 2112). There"s an electrical generator, electrifying a pond of water staying clear of you indigenous progressing. You"ll must use the REC device to power under the generator + . If girlfriend don"t have the REC device, you can acquire it indigenous the proof room in the GCPD. Get in the air duct beside the generator to follow the assassin into the hospital.

Inside you"ll discover an assassin lecturing a team of 4 thugs the they seem to it is in initiating into the order. The blood trail proceeds through a door that cannot it is in opened since the strength is out. After you dispatch the enemies in the room, grapple up v the vent in the ceiling. Monitor the vent and also you will certainly drop down into a small room with a fuse box. Making use of the fuse crate is no good. The strength is out, and cannot be revived with a fuse. Alfred educates you that there"s a backup generator outside. You don"t require to exit the building, though. Simply use the Batmobile remote. Drive the Batmobile increase the ramp around the building, complying with the HUD prompts, then affix the winch to the generator and use the Batmobile"s engine, as you have plenty of times before, to provide power come the generator. Ago inside as Batman, shot the fuse box again. This time you"ll gain the strength on, and earn one more Waynetech point.

Exit the end the glass door that opens instantly now as you approach it, then continue following the blood trail through the bigger glass door and also down the elevator tower behind it. The elevator is in ~ the bottom, and also you need to move it out of your way to proceed more down the elevator shaft. Drop under onto the elevator - notification the engine on the height that can obviously be activated through the REC machine - climate look up and also find the ledge one floor up. Grapple approximately that ledge , then aim the REC an equipment down in ~ the elevator motor and move the elevator the end of the way + . Drop down to the bottom that the elevator shaft, then grapple earlier up one floor come the open door bring about a hall. You have the right to hear a female voice struggling down the hall. There"s a weak wooden wall surface at the end of the hall. Simply punch through it.

It"s a massacre inside. The injured assassin might give you some idea that what"s happening with her dice words. Down the hall opposite this mess the floor has actually collapsed. There"s a glass door roughly the corner, however it won"t open. You have to use a remote batarang come hit the move on the various other side the the wall. The path for the batarang is the broken fan on the wall near the location where you damaged through the weak wooden barrier on your method in. Stop to sluggish the batarang down and also give yourself time to react, pilot the batarang through the fan casing, revolve your batarang left and you"ll check out a fuse box, but it requires an electric charge come trigger. There"s a hole in the window just to the appropriate of the fuse box. Pilot the batarang with the hole in the window, then turn right and you"ll check out an arcing electric hazard. Pilot the batarang with the arc to pick up a charge, then rotate the batarang around + and pilot it back through the window, climate turn roughly one more time + and also pilot the currently charged electrical batarang right into the fuse crate to open the door.

Proceed under the hall and also jump throughout the damaged floor, then revolve around and also jump come the small bit of floor left beside the now open door. At time I"ve been able come grapple end this pit . Other times the grapple has actually stubbornly refused to lock on and I"ve had to jump. Head v the door into the morgue. The body of Sharon Jones, the waitress from the diner in ~ the beginning of the game, can be watched in among the refrigeration units on the right. You can recognize some other bodies from that tragedy as well.

The blood trail leader to a now deceased assassin who seemed to be trying to with a switch on the left as soon as she died. Check the body. Batman do the efforts to open the unit to see what she to be trying come do, but the move is electrified and gives that a shock. Use the forensic scanner and scan the 4 blood stains top top the wall to determine which switches the assassin pressed prior to she died. From the reconstructions of she poses, you have the right to determine the bespeak the assassin pressed the switch. She to be still go upright once she hit the third switch. She hit the top switch. Next, she dropped to her knees as she the the first switch. She again fight the top switch. She then pivoted and also collapsed come the floor before hitting the 2nd switch. She struggle the reduced switch. Finally, she crawled top top the ground towards the 4th switch and also attempted come hit the lower switch prior to succumbing to her injuries.

The bespeak is.

3 upper , 1 top , 2 reduced , 4 lower .

This sequence opens the door to the right. Go through the door and grapple up through the vent ~ above the ceiling. Monitor the path and you"ll discover a group of assassins around a barely life Ra"s Al Ghul. Among the assassins will explain around the civil battle that has actually cropped up in ~ the league of assassins, and also Ra"s asks for her help. You"ll earn another Waynetech point.

Return the means you pertained to exit the hospital. You"ll need to move the elevator earlier out of your means similar come what girlfriend did top top the method in. Once you with the floor whereby you an initial entered, the grate has collapsed, but since you"re on speaking terms v the assassins at the moment, you deserve to simply leave out the main doors top top the far side the the hall.

Once outside, speak to the Batmobile . Alfred will calibrate the Batmobile come detect Lazarus particles in the water, which outcomes in a environment-friendly directional mite on your minimap. Follow the markers and also they will lead you come a dockyard area behind Panessa Studios. (1566, 2677). You"ll earn an additional Waynetech point.

Exit the Batmobile, and also drop down over the cliff ~ above the watercraft floating in the water below. Jump turn off the ago of the watercraft to the dock, then usage the heat launcher to zipline throughout into the open up sewer gate. Use explosive gelatin to break with the weak cement wall, climate follow the straight path forward previous a couple of young obstacles until you find a deep hole. Drop all the means down come the bottom that the hole, right into the Lazarus pit. There"s a demon head fountain, dripping green liquid. Once you research the Lazarus source, daggers will come flying at you. Batman easily prevents them. You"ve to be ambushed by a team of these white clad assassins.

There are 4 assassins, and 4 thugs. This assassins are fricken" cool. They space very comparable to a classic combat specialist, however rather than the tongue dodge attack string of normal combat specialists, and also assassins indigenous Arkham City, they have a an effective multi-hit beatdown style assault string that need to be countered repeatedly. Once you check out them swing their sword roughly with red particle effects, it shows they"re prepare this powerful attack. Mash repetitively to continue blocking your attacks, which will eventually result in Batman performing a stunning attack, leaving the enemy open to his very own multi-hit beatdown attack.

After the fight, return to examine the Lazarus fountain once again. Batman will certainly take a sample the the Lazarus material, and load the fountain through explosive gel. But prior to he have the right to detonate the fractional he"s confronted from behind once again, by Nyssa Raatko. Longtime Batman fans will recognize her as Talia Al Ghul"s fifty percent sister.

After a cutscene you"ll earn another Waynetech point, and also Batman"s next objective will be to go back to the hospital to confront Ra"s.

Return to the hospital (2971, 2196), and enter with the prior door. Batman and Alfred will continue to talk about the moral implications of the decision that Batman need to make.

When you reach the elevator shaft, the elevator has been positioned blocking your path, and also the electric motor has been destroyed. Fall onto the elevator, then relocate onto the nearby ledge, and also use the batclaw top top the 2 red handles on the political parties of the elevator shaft. This will release the elevator"s brakes and drop the lift right into the shaft, clearing the method back come the bottom level.

On the lower level, continue down the room to the left, jumping over the broken spot in the floor together you go before. Continuing down the hall, the morgue is now flooded through water, which has actually electrical existing running with it. Use the line Launcher come zip throughout to the other side that the room, then access the fuse box just to her left to shut turn off the electricity. This makes it for sure to wade through the water come the door girlfriend uncovered before, wherein you have the right to once again grapple up into the ceiling vent to reach the chamber where Ra"s Al Ghul sits on life support.

Inside the chamber, you must decide what Ra"s fate will certainly be. Push to provide the Lazarus sample come Ra"s, or to destroy the sample and the machines maintaining Ra"s alive.

The resulting battle is the very same regardless of your decision. You"ll hit 8 assassin combat experts. The only distinction is if you"re fighting the grey garbed loyalists, or Nyssa"s white garbed rebels. It"s a funny fight that"s no too challenging to beat, yet can be incredibly fun to try to perfect.


If you determined to conserve Ra"s...Nyssa assaults you, however the more skillful Batman defeats she easily. While you"re fighting, Ra"s recovers. He picks up a sword from a collapse assassin and attacks Nyssa. Nyssa cannot host her own versus Ra"s and also he dispatches she after a moment. In his still weakened state, that is no complement for Batman, and also after a short struggle that disappears in a exhilaration cloud. Batman considers tryng to conserve Nyssa v the remaining Lazarus sample, however true to her convictions, Nyssa refuses the damaging Lazarus elixir. She succumbs to she wounds. With their leader dead, the rebels disband, when the loyalists retreat underground come wait for Ra"s come recover.

If you decided to damage the Lazarus sample...Ra"s collapses the end of the machine, proper alive. Nyssa reflects up and thanks you for your help. She do the efforts to death Ra"s, yet Batman stop her. She relents and permits Batman to take Ra"s to the GCPD to offer justice in whatever time he has left. True to her word, Nyssa assures to leave Gotham with the organization of Assassins. In a state of close to death, ~ above life assistance in a GCPD prison cell, Ra"s weakly thanks Batman for making the best decision.

You knife 3 more Waynetech points for your trouble. One assassin"s cowl and also throwing dagger are placed in the evidence display screen in the West Wing.

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Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface

This mission becomes available at the same time as Stagg"s Airships.

You"ll get 5 Waynetech clues at miscellaneous points throughout the mission, and also another 3 in ~ the end. This is precious a complete of 8 Waynetech points.