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They make it look so easyOne day, I'm talking to JesusThen ns was talk to demons, ohAll the sights I've seenAll the sights I've seenYeahThen I step onto the patioTry to listen to the radioTry come play up on mine CasioEven shot to speak to my Romeo, ayyTry so hard to let the goBut today, I'm just feelin' low, ohBaby girlBaby girlIt's your worldBaby girlDo it because that the girlsAll approximately the worldDo it because that the girlsAll around the world, yeahFull of love, full of loveFull the love, hey, heyOh, oh-oh, yeah
You understand my nights be teasin'(Teasin' me, teasin' me, teasin' me)Every day i gotta you re welcome them(Pleasin' 'em, pleasin' 'em, pleasin' 'em)While I'm choose up the pieces, ohAll the sights I've seenBut I'm still for this reason cleanYeahThen I step onto the patioTry to listen to the radioTry come play increase on mine CasioEven shot to contact my Romeo, ayyTry so hard to let it goI'm no there, yet I'm gettin' close, ohBaby girlBaby girl (Oh)Do it for the girl (Do it for the girls)All roughly the world (All roughly the world)Do it for the girls (Do it because that the girls)All approximately the world, yes (Yeah)Full of love, full of loveFull of love, hey, heyOh, oh-oh, yes (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
So don't girlfriend forget aboutThe little girl that you met nowThe one that's in your spiritShe's still obtained your back, yeahDon't friend let the people take backAll the love the you provided outThis is all our civilization nowThis is every your human being now

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“Baby Girl” is a girl empowerment song, yet our perspective as soon as we were composing the song, personally, for me, it was a message that I necessary to remind myself of. Ns remember we created this track in Malibu. We determined for the day after Christmas, we wanted to rental an Airbnb, and also we wanted to simply go out there through no parents and be by the beach and bring our gear and also just create. And I psychic at that time ns was simply feeling a little bit down, and I simply needed the pick-me-up. For this reason I started writing these lyrics about how ns was feeling, exactly how everybody provides it looks therefore easy and also how everything that you see—it seems real, but is the really? So the was certainly an encouraging, empowering song that we wanted various other girls come relate to and play as soon as they required that messaging—when you’re feeling overwhelmed and insecure and you’re simply like, “Okay, those next?” Like, nope, snap out of it. She amazing.