The playthings R Us save at the edge of Watson Road and also S. Lindbergh Boulevard is permanently closed. Picture by J.B. Forbes, jforbes
The leases because that the shuttered toys R us in Sunset Hills and also Babies R united state in Chesterfield will be marketed to the highest possible bidder at an auction that ends in late September. 

Those shop are part of a bigger portfolio of 82 former Toys R Us and also Babies R us stores to it is in auctioned turn off in brand-new York City by A&G Realty Partners and also Raider Hill Advisors next month. 

"These are well-located, high-visibility big-box web page that have the right to work for single-users or it is in subdivided, i beg your pardon is precisely the type of flexibility required for the type of adaptive techniques that are pulling front in today"s genuine estate marketplace," said A&G controlling Director Todd Eyler in a statement.

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The Sunset Hills playthings R us store, at 3600 Lindbergh Blvd., is a 46,904-square-foot retail keep that"s situated beside a Ross dress for much less near the intersection that Lindbergh and Watson Road. The lease for the keep runs v January 2030 and includes an option to extend the size of the lease. 

The lease for the Chesterfield Babies R Us, a 30,624-square-foot store in Chesterfield Valley, expires in January 2022 and likewise includes an choice to extend the term of the agreement.

Both space ground leases, meaning the win bidder would have advancement rights come the property until the lease expires, in ~ which allude the landlord would certainly regain full control. 

The stores, along with virtually 1,000 various other Toys R Us and Babies R us stores that were fixtures that the retail sector for decades, closed in so late June. 

Toys R Us has incrementally auctioned off the shop it owns and the leases it has for its other locations.

Only one St. Louis save — the south St. Louis ar Babies R us in Southpoint Plaza in ~ 4441 Lemay Ferry roadway — has actually hit the auction block. The lease for that save was handed ago to the to buy plaza’s landlord, stood for by actual estate certain White Co., ~ no various other entity bid top top the location. Another Toys R Us save that close up door in Chesterfield number of years ago was backfilled by a complete Wine & much more in 2015.

Two other places that room owned by toys R united state creditors — the previous Toys R united state properties at 6926 S. Lindbergh in Mehlville and also a former Babies R us at 5590 St. Luigi Mills Blvd., in Hazelwood — are currently being marketed by new York-based Raider Hill because that sale. 

A 3rd St. Luigi area property, at 10895 W. Florissant road in Ferguson, is likewise included in the portfolio as excess property. The 46,000-square-foot playthings R Us store in Ferguson closeup of the door in march 2015.

Potential candidates to fill St. Louis’ stock of closed playthings R us or Babies R united state stores can be found in the retailers bankruptcy filings.

Retailers such together Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Target, Burlington, big Lots, Ashley Furniture, Aldi, Raymour & Flanigan (a furniture and mattress store) and sports principles such together Golf & Tennis agree Shop, i beg your pardon operates the PGA tour Superstore chain, have presented interest in moving right into some that the closed toys R us properties nationwide. 

Five the the remaining Toys R united state or Babies R united state stores (St. Peters, the Mehlville area, Hazelwood and also the playthings R Us and Babies R united state in Fairview Heights) are owned through the retailer and also face an uncertain future. Simon Property group owns the vacant toys R united state in the St. Luigi Premium Outlets in Chesterfield.



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