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You are watching: Avatar: the last airbender the storm

By Tory Ireland Mell

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After a couple of main of less than perfect episodes, Avatar bounces earlier with heart, meaning, and some much anticipated explanations.

Starting turn off the episode v a dream sequence was a pretty touch that collection up the totality tone and pace of \"The Storm.\" The soft hues and also happy feeling was felt, and did a good job setting us up because that the inevitable poor thing that was around to happen.Giving Aang that feeling of worry is what makes his character so endearing. The options he have to make and has made shows his vulnerability as a person and as the Avatar.I chosen the composing in this episode a lot. It had some funny moments, prefer with the fisherman's wife, and it had some really sad moments during Aang and also Prince Zuko's flashbacks. Ns really felt negative for both personalities going through what they went through. Aang gift outcast native his friends due to the fact that he uncovered out he is the Avatar, then running away, and also Zuko gift horribly scarred because that trying to carry out the appropriate thing because that his people. The act nearly automatically alters how ns feel towards Zuko. Friend can't assist but feel poor for the kid, we can only expect he gets part crazy revenge.



one more wonderful component about the writing in the illustration was the 4 Toys of the Avatar. In oriental cultures top top the child's one year birthday they placed objects in former of them, and depending top top what they choose it is said, that's is what they will be as soon as they prosper up. For example if one of the objects in prior of the infant is a piece of paper, that is an alleged to stand for wealth or money later in life. Therefore the fact that Aang made decision those because that objects, and the Avatars before him chose those four objects to be a clever little thing come watch.There were a pair of nice bending gags that were fun to watch: Uncle Iroh channeling the lightning to stop a substantial wave indigenous wrecking them, and his charred look after to be priceless. Climate Aang blasting a hole though a super tide to obtain them through unharmed to be awesome.Lastly, the town hall Aang go all Avatar is just plain cool. In the cavern he verified some growth as a character a he almost went ballistic, but controlled his Avatar rage, yet then as soon as in problem he offered his gift to gain them the end of harm's method as they nearly all drowning in the ocean. A sad and understanding look at was mutual from afar between Aang and also Zuko in ~ the end, which make me feel like they had an ext in common than lock would like to believe.