Avatar: The critical Airbender - The Painted Lady Is not a classic Spirit This spirit is unlike any other in the world of Avatar, and might be among the coolest spirits the display introduced.

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Katara took on the guise the the Painted Lady, making use of her waterbending to heal the noble villagers and even sabotage the factory. Katara and also the remainder of Team Avatar preserved the ruse to scare off the Fire country soldiers and also saved the town, yet the villagers uncovered the reality behind their lie quickly after. As Katara sat by the river the night it appeared unclear if the Painted Lady ever before actually existed, however when the spirit showed up to Katara in the moonlight and also thanked she for she help, the concern was answered.

The Painted Lady was never ever referenced straight for the rest of the series, no one in the sequel series The Legend the Korra or any type of of the tie-in comics. Even still, the creators regulated to flesh out much more of the Painted Lady"s story in ethereal ways. In the DVD commentary for The Legend of Korra episode "A new Spiritual Age," creator Brian Konietzko gave much more backstory because that the Painted Lady, saying the she as initially a human woman who transcended right into the Spirit people after her death before ending up being the river"s guardian.

The tidbit come in link to Iroh"s appearance in the episode, as Iroh also lived on past his fatality in the Spirit civilization where he available Korra his sage wisdom. This info deepened fans" appreciation of Iroh, whose spirituality provided some of the original best moments, while also showing just exactly how detailed and interconnected the story within Avatar might be.

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As Iroh provides his advice to Korra, the Avatar takes the type of a tiny child that sits down for a tea party. As Iroh pours she tea, he offers a teapot the keen-eyed fans would identify as the exact same vessel the first Avatar, Wan, offered to contain the shrunken and also damaged form of Raava 10,000 resides beforehand. To attach details also further, the symbols on the teapot and tea cup and evocative the the exact same symbols the Painted Lady"s painted markings.

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The connections in between spirits and also humans, and also the harmony they can find in the depth of spirituality, serves as one of the many beautiful and also peaceful messages in ~ the franchise. The Painted Lady"s own hands-off approach to protecting her village, subtly guiding Katara and her friends right into doing the appropriate thing rather than creating a present of force versus the Fire country factory on her very own speaks to the message. Sometimes when who does their best, it"s tough to call they"ve done anything in ~ all, and few stories in Avatar show that and the Painted Lady"s.