Today watch AURORA drop she surprise 2nd album ‘Infections that A different Kind – ‘Step 1′. Watch our full video interview v AURORA pointing out the document above.

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Having amassed over 200 million streams and 500,000 sales of her acclaimed debut album ‘All mine Demons Greeting Me as A Friend’, now sees the Norwegian singer-songwriter relax the an initial of a two-part album unannounced. ‘Step 2’ is set to follow either next year or in 2020.

“I’m really poor at building things up,” AURORA said “I dropped clues of things in a subtle way, and also I think a couple of people out there established the names. It’s all been really cryptic, yet it’s simply nice to have actually a surprise in life ns think. We need much more surprises – great surprises.”


“‘Step 1’ is a herbal step after ~ my an initial album, i m sorry was about looking into yourself, spring at every one of it and also accepting every one of it. It’s simpler to it is in numb, rather than in call with your own emotions. The was my greatest mission back then – come make sure that we’re not afraid to feel, no afraid to cry, accepting our demons as part of evolving together a human.”

She continued: “This step is around moving on v that. I think the we room meant to yes, really fight for each other, however I think it really stays clear of us having actually the volume to check out other human being when we’re in pain. An initial you expropriate that life comes v pain, then you really work on it. I really want civilization to listen to this step and feel favor they’re getting stronger.

“It’s quite empowering. Plenty of of the songs are around people taking selections on behalf of themselves, about coming earlier for revenge. In my more delusional stories prefer ‘It taken place Quiet’ and also ‘Churchyard’, the victim comes earlier to haunt the one the hurt them. It’s about the procedure in becoming a warrior, a true warrior because that the civilization – however you need to work on your very own stuff first.”


Preceded by vault launch singles ‘Queendom’ and ‘Forgotten Love’, AURORA says that the album largely encounters “accepting that you have the right to be warrior, also if the people puts a box around you and also labels you no as a warrior”.


“‘Queendom’ is around accepting ours differences, around learning that we are all with each other in this – particularly in this world where underdogs space in some places women, in some locations men, children, pets or introverts or quiet people,” AURORA told “They have actually so lot to say, but we live in a world where no one has actually time to wait.”

“‘Forgotten Love’ is about moving on native the pain, and the an excellent pain that the move. Moving on native a period of her life which was beautiful, but the memory of it was painful. If you lose someone or they die for instance, you lug them v you. It’s very heavy yet it’s scary to let go, since it’s the only thing you have left.

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“It’s therefore nice as soon as it happens, once you remember come live. Together Dumbledore said, ‘It does not execute to dwell in dreams and also forget come love’. He’s my favourite dude.”

Watch our full video clip interview with AURORA at the peak of the page as she discusses fame, her fans, Sigrid, the upcoming tour, saving the world, and also what to expect from ‘the following step’. 


The tracklist because that ‘Infections that A various Kind – step 1’ is below

QueendomForgotten LoveGentle EarthquakesAll Is Soft InsideIt taken place QuietChurchyardSoft UniverseInfections that A different Kind

Aurora tourism dates and tickets

Her upcoming UK tour days are below. Tickets are available here.

Wednesday October 10 – MANCHESTER Academy 2Thursday October 11 – LONDON O2 Forum