Ark has been crashing on my pc every 2-3hrs and its getting much more frequent now, it claims it provides to much memory and it crashes.

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I have actually an i7 6700k, 16gb ram,MSI Z170I GAMING pro AC, GTX 1070,223gb SSD, and 1.8tb tough Drive.

Ark is installed on the SSD and it has actually 32gb of free memory left on it. Why does it keep saying my computer memory is too low as soon as I have 16gb and ARK uses like 4-5gb? can anyone help, cuz it's happening much more frequently and also its rlly annoying; ns was fighting broodmother on basic with my 2 tribemates and also boom crashes and we lose everything.

Edit: likewise run everything on Epic and get a consistent 90fps


Try launching v the no skies launch option. Only distinction is girlfriend won't check out rain clouds once a shower happens however it can solve your problem. It's what I had to resort to after I had actually 3-4 crashes in a single day thanks to the memory leak.

I go that and also closed every in game tabs and chrome so only ARK is running and that seemed to resolve it, but this must not exist in the very first place

Same difficulty here. As quickly I open up chrome or something ark starts eating mine ram and freezes(ram usage goes to 100%). Can't perform anything else 보다 just have ark open, sadly ns can't play since of this.

hmmm i tried always keeping chrome closed and the in video game layover point closed and also I haven't crashed perhaps that helped?

you're joking yet this is open minded what I had actually to execute so my exclusive server would prevent crashing haha. It's a brand-new PC though, should have just put 32 in over there to start with

I did this, and also allocated 100 gigs that swap. Still fills up a 132 gig commit in around 4 hours. I'm thinking about just allocating an entire terabyte that swap amd see if ark have the right to run top top 1 TB that memory.

I was having actually this (knock//knock), then i updated mine GFX driver and also I quit running Discord in the background. No more crashes.

Edit: because my fingers don't always type what ns am thinking

I don't have this problem, not also on my old rig (GTX 780, FX8350, 8gb DDR3). So it can be because of something else 보다 specs/actually memory.

Launch in low storage 4gb mode. I operation on a 3770k in ~ 4.5Ghz and also a 780ti v 16gb the RAM and also have had actually very couple of issues since running it like that. On a an ext powerful rig prefer yours I'm sure it would be also better

i witnessed your processor and just had actually a funny story, mine I7 3770k made decision to dice on me. Wasnt persuaded it to be my Motherboard (i work-related in IT) so ns bought a cheap Pentium with exact same socket and boom, i got the board to work, therefore im currently thinking "damn 500+ dissension CPU crapped out" on a whim ns thrown it back in, Boom started working again. No idea what happened but i had already bought a brand-new motherboard and also switched end to AMD processors, going come buy 16gb the RAM and also toss the old motherboard and also CPU into a server chassis, operation some benchmarks, if it no fail I'm moving my ARK server off my local maker that runs my game and server at the exact same to that and transforming it right into a house server.

Perhaps unrelated, yet I struggled with this before. I uninstalled and also reinstalled Ark to have the ability to fit that on my SSD again (updates seem to bloat the file size to enormous levels) and a succinct side impact was no an ext crashes ~ 2-3 hours.

I'm sure its no a convenient fix however just informing you just how mine went away.

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