Arby’s has long been residence to the iconic Curly Fries, sliced up curly and fried come crispy perfection. And while Curly Fries are beloved and have a huge following, V.P. The Culinary innovation & Brand executive, management Chef Neville Craw and also the Arby’s culinary team want to develop an alternative that speak to much more of the standard fry fans.

“Our research, native a popularity standpoint, proved that crinkle fries appeared to have actually the most enjoyment and also appeal to guests who wanted a different fry,” said Craw. “There are hundreds of size choices, length and potato types. As soon as we acquired into crinkle, there to be a multitude the iterations we went through before landing top top what we did. However Josh Mcnelly on my team operated to uncover the perfect balance the flash, fry and also crunchiness.”

“To be component of a historic room with our Curly Fries, climate to to include something and readjust the landscape through Crinkle Fries and also talk to new guests is yes, really exciting. Drawing in new guests, that’s the fun component of all of this.” Neville Craw, Arby’s V.P. Of Culinary creation & Brand Executive

According to Mcnelly, the shape of the crinkle fry is designed to have sharper peaks and also deeper valleys versus a standard crinkle fry, giving it a crispier texture. A irradiate batter likewise helps the fried food retain its temperature, for this reason the fry continues to be hotter longer. That construct offers a nice change of pace for fry enthusiasm at Arby’s.

“Curly Fries have our signature Curly fried food flavor, i beg your pardon is a bit an ext seasoned,” Craw said. “I would certainly say the Crinkle fry is a crunchy, salty, potato suffer that you would expect from a lightly-battered, jug fry prefer this one.”

As Arby’s continues to attract in brand-new guests v innovation across its menu, Craw is looking front to continuing to accumulate Smiles v Delicious Experiences v both the Curly and Crinkle Fries.

“Our Curly Fries aren’t walking anywhere,” Craw said. “This was yes, really an opportunity for us to reach people out there, specifically, potentially kids that either like multiple fry alternatives or the straight-style french fry. Because that us, it’s not an either or thing. Us want world to gain the fry, depending upon their mood. Curly fries and roast beef, chicken offerings and the right fry, those room a matches made in heaven. It’s giving an additional option to people who can want to gain a various fry experience from time to time or those civilization who simply really choose a directly potato fry.”

Crinkle Fries are available in Arby’s restaurants nationwide.

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